Wednesday, 11 January 2012

An Introduction...our story

We have created this blog as we currently love making scrapbooks to save memories of our relationship, but as we have recently got engaged, and are planning for a wedding and children, we thought a blog would be a good place to continue our journey.

Just so you know a bit about us, we have an 'About Us' page in the top bar, but this is how we met, and kind of our story so far -

We have both always known we were gay, and have never had any involvement with men. Me in particular (S) had always felt excluded from gay culture due to being femme. I was bullied at school for numerous things - mainly being into the rock scene and for having no interest in boys.
I met my first girlfriend online, we were both 17 and completely unsuitable for each other - we had different views on pretty much everything, and she was as boyish as I was femme. Luckily long distance meant that we didn't see each other very often, and we broke up a year and a half later after her cheating on me numerous times! Although I wasn't in love with her, she destroyed my faith in other people and myself - I was extremely low at this time, and felt very lost in life. I was fired from my job due to my extreme lack of motivation, and although my friends knew, I was not out to my family.
I got the tattoo on my hip during this time to remind me that I am complete simply by being myself, and that strength comes from the world around me.

L was much more into the gay scene as a teenager than I was. This stemmed from her interested in politics and gay rights, and she was heavily involved in online gay youth groups. Her first relationship with a boyish girl aged around 16 was uneventful, and broke up quickly. Her second relationship lasted about a year, and although they were good friends, there was no real romance, and they broke up amicably around the same time as I broke up with my ex. L spent Sixth Form at a prestigous, but strict, boarding school, and was told by her parents to keep her sexuality a secret, pretty much ensuring that she spent the entire two years feeling very depressed. We were both pretty much miserable around this time!

When a mutual friend gave us each others number in the summer of 2004 (we lived fairly close to each other), neither of us thought much of it. We chatted by text for a while however, and really got on - we both loved music, and although L wasn't as into the rock scene as I was, we shared passion in how a song could make you feel, and liked a lot of the same bands. We shared the same outlook on life, she made me laugh, and more than anything, she gave me the feeling that I was safe with her. We had both been in dark places mentally previous to having each other in our lives, and we really saved each other.
We agreed to meet up for a drink one summer evening in Birmingham city centre, going for drinks in a  pub, then a lesbian bar, then a popular gay bar. By the time we got to the last bar, we had pretty much fell for each other, and found out later we were both fighting the urge to initiate a kiss!

The mutual friend had said we were each others 'type' and this was very true! L was intelligent, feminine, and unique - she was like noone else, and this fascinated me.  She was down to earth, funny, beautiful, and a bit of a hippy! L likes petite, blonde, feminine girls who are funny and slightly quirky, which I guess describes me!

Although we both really liked each other, L was moving 100 miles away to start a medicine degree at Leeds university a few weeks later. We decided to give long distance a go as there was no way we wanted to lose each other, and spent the next year with me spending huge amounts of time at L's student halls - I even went to a couple of lectures with her!
We loved student life, and had so much fun going out drinking (even if we were more excited by the retro sweets a certain bar served than the alcohol - Wham bars anyone?!) shopping in Leeds, going for meals in candlelit little vegetarian cafes, and having so much fun. We spent our first New Years eve in Edinburgh dancing in the castle gardens to Blondie under the fireworks, and our first summer (2005) as a couple in Amsterdam, which was where we knew we wanted to marry each other.

After a year, L made the decision to move from medicine to midwifery, and spent a year in a student house. In her second year of midwifery, we'd been together two years, so I moved to Leeds, and we got a flat together. Living together taught us so much about each other, and how relationships work - we experienced family deaths, having very little money, and learning to deal with things ourselves rather than under the protection of our parents. We visited Paris, Barcelona, Wales, Brighton, London, and L's parents apartment in Malta. We lived in Leeds for another two years, until L graduated with a first degree, and moved back in with our parents to save for a house deposit. This was really hard, after we'd spent the first four years of our relationship together, but we have always had the attitude of doing things properly! For our five year anniversary we got small tattoos - L's is an 's' and mine is a heart made of laurel leaves.

In May 2010 we bought our first house, in South Birmingham. We love it here - the area is quiet, and pretty, and green, and we worked hard to make the house our own. In February 2011, we bought a beautiful, tiny, black puppy we named Willow - we adore her, and she is great practice for babies!
Then, in March 2011, we got engaged in Brighton, our favourite place in England (engagement story here). After living together for pretty much five years out of our seven, we know each other completely. We have been through amazing times and awful times but feel every life event has taught us more about life and relationships, and made us stronger.
Which brings us to today! We are currently planning our wedding for July 2013, and aim to begin the process of having a baby in 2014.

So not really a quick introduction, but it's hard fitting seven and a half years in one post! In the next posts we'd like to talk about how/why we got engaged, and how our wedding planning is going, especially our experiences with suppliers aswell as understanding the laws.
Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog xx

  2. Sorry girls, we haven't been able to figure it out as of yet - which one is L and which is S haha??

    Laura & Sarah xo

  3. Sarah's the GORGEOUS (blonde) one! I'm the errrm other one :) Lauren xx

  4. Or more accurately, I'm the short one, L is the beautiful redhead :) S x


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