Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A colour theme

This will be a fun picture - heavy post, encapsulating all of our favourite things in life, that also happen to reflect our chosen colour for our wedding day. Any idea what colour that might be?!
S loves these shoes!

We love VS!
Our 2nd date was in Starbucks <3

One of L's fave things - tea!
L is definitely a 'bums' girl lol
We both love Mac

We own a LOT of pairs of Converse between us!

Heels - definitely an S choice of pic

S has these but with purple hearts 

And yep, this one was an S choice!

Yep, L picked this one lol
We visited Paris in 2005 for S's 21st

L makes amazing cupcakes :)

So... Cake, flowers, Starbucks, BOTTOMS (L !!), shoes, lipgloss (S !!), dresses, tea, hot baths on cold days, and a few other pretty things. Which are your favourite?


  1. pink is my fave coulour too...when i met Lala she hated it... but she loves it too now hahahaha...
    I love love love Victoria's Secret....wish we had one here in the UK. K xx

  2. They're opening Victorias Secret in London this year, sooo glad, it will save me a fortune on shipping costs!
    Well done for converting Lala to the joys of pink lol
    S xx

  3. Pink, Cupcakes, Victoria's Secret, Paris, and Converse... we share smilier favorites! Loved the post!!

  4. Our wedding is going to be very pink too! Isn't it the best color?


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