Thursday, 16 February 2012


It may seem a little strange to some people to dedicate an entire blog post to a dog but if you own a faithful friend then I think you might understand. Willow is now such a massive part of our journey, and of the couple we are today, it seems quite fitting. She has taught us to parent, to work together to ensure another creature is happy, safe, fed, warm, entertained etc, and has been the driving force between us really wanting to become parents together. Certainly for me, L, seeing the way Willow adores S and hangs on every word she says, and watching S with her, her warmth, her patience, her tolerance, her adoration, her ability to turn a stressful situation into a light hearted one, has opened my eyes up to what an amazing Mummy she will be to our children. So on the year anniversary of her arriving into our life (and home!), I thought I'd share our story with you!

So, on 16th February 2011 we drove all the way to Kent of all places, to go and see a mum and puppy litter we had seen advertised at a dogs home on the Internet. They were described as crosses between a King Charles spaniel and a Jack Russell, which may seem an odd cross but we had been debating for months which breed to get as I like small fluffy cute babies like spaniels and Sarah likes small but short haired, wirey types likes terriers. So it seemed a perfect cross for us. When we arrived we saw her and fell in love. She was so blinking tiny! 8 weeks old, completely black, weened from her mummy a few days earlier, and seemed to like us (she wouldn't leave us alone!) so we asked all the necessary questions about her health and were smitten enough to take her home with us there and then.

Well who could say no to this cuteness?

So arriving to her new home, we gave her lots of time to settle in..

Sat next to a teacup to emphasise her tiny-ness!

Oh my god what is this big grey creature?!

The pink dinner bowls we bought were too big so she had to have a tiny plate for the first few weeks! But over the next few weeks she grew, ate, played and played and played and wagged and wagged and learnt lots of new things, including where not to go to the toilet! Her Mummy S was the main teacher as I was working lots of nights, but with lots of love and patience she learnt her new commands, learnt where she could and couldn't go and what she was allowed to do and not (!!) and had lots and lots of cuddles from us..

Then finally, she was a big enough girlie to go for her first walk

Have her first bath

And generally fit into our family life. The summer brought so much excitement, who knew that chasing daddy long legs in the garden until your mummies made you come in was so much fun?! And the squirrels, oh my goodness, they run so fast but are great to chase on long walks! But all this chasing and running and generally wearing her mummies out is blinking hard work, so lots of cute snail - curl sleeps too to recover.

Over the next few months Willow really did become a part of us. If I go to visit my mum she comes with me, if we go away in the UK she is by our side. If I'm on nights I know S has company, and all the time she is a very waggy, very happy little lady.

Snoozing in the warm summer grass!

We had fun at Halloween with her

Oh my god what the HELL is that?!

And Christmas too..

Look what Father Christmas brought me. In Hello Kitty paper too!

2012 brought us a broken leg (don't ask!)

Lots of long wintery walks, and even more cuddles. She's a great hot water bottle!

So there we go, the first year of having a Willow. She is brilliant, cute, intelligent, faithful, happy and ours. And I'm really proud to be one of her mummies!


Sorry about the long photo - filled post. I never intended it to be long, I just didn't realise how many cute photos we have of her!!


  1. Omg... She is sooooo cute.... So adorable....
    It isn't silly dedicating a post to is lovely....animals are such an important part of our life too - our 2 dogs and 3 cats... They are like our children.... And they are so loyal and so loving.
    Love this post xo

  2. OMG WILLOW IS ADORABLE!!!!!!! Such a beautiful puppy.

    LOVED all the pics of her, and wouldn't be too upset if you posted another Willow feature ;)

    Laura & Sarah xoxo

  3. Never apologize for dog posts! =)

    Willow is sooo cute!! Pets are great, especially pups! We would not object to future Willow posts. xox - S and C

  4. Oh gosh, I have been trying and trying to persuade my girlfriend to let me/us get a puppy, but she's stayed strong so far! We both work during the day though, and are worried about leaving a pup on her own whilst we're out. Willow is so adorable, I'm so jealous!


  5. Thank you so much for all the comments, we promise to include more Willow posts in the future!
    S xx


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