Thursday, 15 March 2012

Consultations on Gay Marriage..

So today, 15th March 2012, is a bit of a landmark day. We have all heard for the past few months that the Government plan to discuss opening Civil Marriage up to same - sex couples. We also know that they hope to do this by the next general election in 2015.

But today it feels we a tiny baby step closer - the consultations have gone public. Today is the first day that we are actually being asked to give our views. Now I don't know about you, maybe it's just because I'm lucky to be surrounded by family, friends and colleagues who would fall over themselves to make marriage for my girlfriend and I legal, but I don't actually know a single person who opposes this. There are bigots, there are those who hide behind a religion, but there always will be.

But today we actually have a small chance to change the course of history, to tell the world (ok, well the Government at least) what we really want, and how passionate we are about it. It's simple really - I want to be able to tell everyone proudly about my marriage to S, to call her my wife knowing she is just that, my wife, and to refer to our wedding day with glee.

So here we go....

Here's the link, the one that you can click on and talk directly to the Government about how you feel. Oh, and don't forget your friends, family and others in your life need to do the same. Let's change history. Go!


  1. Just filled it in! Will blog about this too.

    M x

  2. Yay :) had a lot of people fill this in, even my dad and people at work :) S x


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