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Memories of a Lesbian Wedding Part 2

From the moment you meet your 'one', the one who you will spend your forever with you, and particularly from the point of your engagement, you build together so many hopes, dreams, and expectations for your wedding day and married life. But does the reality live up to imagination? We decided to find out! In the second of a few posts written by lesbian couples who we asked to tell us about their marriage and/or wedding, we speak to a couple who are nearly three years in to their married life, and ask them how it has shaped their relationship...

So my name is Laura (or 'oi' when my wife is angry with me lol) and my beautiful wife's name is Estelle. She was 27 last week and I am 26. We have been a couple for 6 and a half years, and got married on Saturday 25th April 2009.

How did you and your wife meet, and what was it you liked about each other?
So 6 and a half years ago I was working at Birmingham New Street station when one day I noticed that we had an influx of new staff. Later that afternoon through a crowd of people I saw this smile and that was it-I needed to know who this person was, even if it was just her name, I needed to talk to her.
But me being a giant wuss and never having spoken to anybody that I fancied in my life (even in gay bars) it was going to be a challenge. But, after staring at her for most of the afternoon, I noticed that her supervisor and a collegue of mine were talking to her so I figured this was my chance. I went over with some pretend reason to talk to her boss, and was introduced to her.

That was it - this was the one time I kinda needed to be brave and take the lead, I needed to ask this gorgeous person out on a date! We ended up working together a couple of times and I made her laugh which I thought was a good sign but then one day my heart sank when she mentioned an ex - a boy! I thought that was it, my chance was over but as we carried on working together and flirting like it was an olympic sport, I thought maybe I might still have a chance. One day a couple of weeks later I asked her if she wanted to go to the cinema and she said yes - so off we went to see Wallace and Gromit!
What was it I liked about her... she was and still is the most beautiful woman ever, and we can talk for hours about anything, everything, and nothing in particular. She likes that I can make her laugh and says regularly that if it ever stops she will leave me (I take that as a promise not a threat!)

What made you decide to get married?
After being together for a couple of years I think we had already gone through so much, and we were practically married in every way. I called her my wife, my better half etc, we owned our own home, shared the bills, had pets, been on holiday together and everything else that any other couple does - plus our friends were badgering us and kept asking us when we were going to get married!

Who proposed, and how?
After thinking about it a lot, talking to my friends, and building up the courage, one night I decided to ask her to be with me forever. We were in our house, in our bed, when I asked her to marry me. I was so nervous as I didnt have a ring and it wasnt "fancy". To my surprise, she said "no". My face dropped, I was about to burst into tears, when she started laughing and said "of course I will". Mean, right?! After that how could I not be with her forever?!

Tell us about your wedding day!
We got married seven months after we got engaged. It was stressful, and many would say cheap, but we dont care.
I think if we were to do it again it would be different, but we did what we could at the time and we had the best time. Our family and friends still talk about it now!

Have your families been supportive?
Honestly, both of our familes have been so amazing - they love us both so much and would help us out if ever we need anything, apart from my dad. He for some reason is being very strange towards us since the wedding and now we have barely any contact.
If im honest, I dont really care - I have the best Mom in the world and she more than makes up for it. At the end of the day he is the one that is missing out and whenever we decide to add to our brood, then he will not be a part of that, which I think he will regret.

Do you feel anything made your civil partnership different to a wedding, or do you think society feels it's different?
I dont think anything really made our CP different to a wedding apart from we couldnt call it a wedding, or use the term wife and wife, but we did both anyway and didnt really care what anybody else thinks, and still don't!

How has marriage changed your relationship, and you as people?
If im honest, I'm not sure how us getting married has changed us - we still love each other just as much if not more. My wife says it's just sealed what we already had.
Also, seeing our friends have a lot of stress when they had a baby due to the legal implications of not being married, knowing that we are legally married and nobody can take that away from us so when the day finally arrives and we have real life babies of our own, will make things so much easier.

Thank you again to Laura and Estelle for letting us have an insight into their wedding day, and their lives together. As anyone who follows them on Twitter will tell you - the love that radiates from this couple is intense, beautiful!
We wish them all the best for their future as wife and wife :)

Twitter names - @lfowler2509


  1. Love It and love them!!

    Laura & Sarah xo

  2. These two were obviously meant to be together, and they have such a fabulous attitude to their relationship and marriage :)
    S xx

  3. Love their wedding story! They are perfect for each other! xox


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