Thursday, 22 March 2012

Places we have been..part 1

We started this blog to document and be able to look back on our journey together, both past and present. We always wanted it to be a permanent record of our lives together as we move towards being Mrs & Mrs. In view of this, I wanted to post about some of the places we have been together.

Although we both have a love of travelling the world together, we haven't had a huge amount of holidays. In the seven years we have been together we spent four years of it as students. Then, once in 'proper' jobs we began saving for a house, then engagement rings, and then a wedding! After we are married we plan to take a break from all this saving, and spend a year or so enjoying spending our hard earned money on whatever we please, before our money is eaten up by having babies! Having always wanted to travel to different places, it seems the perfect opportunity to enjoy being Mrs & Mrs, and see a bit more of the world together.  We have started to think about where we would love to go...New Zealand, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Morrocco have all made the maybe list so far. It's so exciting to think that we can go anywhere we like!

However, for now I wanted to document some of the places we've already been to, and the memories they hold for us.

This has wonderful memories for us, as it was the first mini - adventure we'd ever been on together. It was New Years Eve 2004, and we'd been together about three months.
We got the train to Edinburgh, went to the Hogmanay party, danced in a muddy field with crowds of people while we watched Blondie and the Scissor Sisters play live in the castle gardens and watched the amazing fireworks at midnight.

We stayed in the beautiful Roxburghe Hotel, which did the most amazing breakfast we've ever seen - fruit, pastries, full vegetarian English, champagne, Scottish fudge...amazing!

They say that going away with someone when you are new into a relationship makes you see if they're perfect for you, or if you're relationship isn't going anywhere. Spending a solid three days with each other did only one thing for us - make us fall for each other a hell of a lot more!

Amsterdam, summer 2005
This was our first trip abroad together!

We loved Amsterdam - the amazing history and atmosphere of the Anne Frank house (having both read the diaries as children this was a true eye opener), the bizarre Heineken Museum (due to the pints of free beer, we perhaps shouldn't have visited at 10am lol), seeing the original Sunflowers painting in the Van Gogh museum, spending all afternoon in the sun in VondelPark, wandering picturesque canals and winding streets (be warned, people on bikes are dangerous lol), and a fascinating tour of the red light district. Our tour even involved our tour guide taking us to talk to some of the women who told us about working in the sex trade! Amsterdam is packed full of history, and is a really pretty place to spend a few days.

I (S) also have some rather beautiful memories of Amsterdam; it was walking next to the River Amstel that I realised I wanted to marry the lady who was by my side! This is a photo I took at that exact moment :) (It was before high quality camera phones, as you can tell!)

Paris, October 2005
L surprised me on my 21st birthday with a pink Tinkerbell suitcase full of presents, and a card telling me we were going to Paris! I was stunned, and actually couldn't believe anyone would do something so lovely for me!
We had an amazing time visiting the Sacre Couer, Arc De Triomphe, Jardin Des Tuileries, Opera Garnier (the inspiration behind Phantom of The Opera, one of our favourite musicals) and of course the Eiffel Tower. I would love to return to Paris one day, maybe for my 30th in 2014 :)

We shared quite a few kisses under here!

Sitges and Barcelona
Sitges is renowned for being very gay friendly, and although we really are not fans of going to places because that are 'gay', we did want to go somewhere together that our sexuality would be completely accepted. And Sitges did exactly that. We spent an amazing few days together lounging in the sun on the gorgeous beaches, wandering the tiny streets, eating amazing spanish food, and loved the fact we could be together and be accepted for who we are. 

Gorgeous Sunset!

L on a night out in Sitges
We got the metro into Barcelona and spent the day wandering around seeing all the sights Barcelona has to offer... La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Picasso Museum, Catedral... the list goes on. Both places are truly beautiful, and we would very much love to go back again, perhaps when we have babies to take along with us!
Love this lizard in Park Guell!

There will be future posts about more places we have visited together, if we put them all on one it might be a bit long! I'm sure to a lot of people reading, this post won't be very interesting at all, but in these places contain so many beautiful memories, so much love and happiness was found there, it would be a shame not to create a record of it for us to look back on :)


  1. Love this post... I love reading about other people's travels...
    I remember when we went to the Anne Frank House,.. It made us both really emotional xx

  2. Oooh holiday planning - my favourite activity (especially at work)! Being Asian, I'd be more than happy to recommend other Asian destinations.

  3. Amazing post! Can't wait for Part 2... we love reading about other people's travels!

  4. Love this post, look forward to reading more :)


  5. This Is so great! Looks like you girls have had a lot of fun together!! The amsterdam thing is so romantic! Laura & Sarah xo


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