Thursday, 26 April 2012

With this ring...

With this ring, I thee wed.

Ok so we won't actually be allowed to utter those words to each other, but the power that is encapsulated in a wedding ring, traditionally a solid band worn on the third finger of your left hand, is unmistakable. And I can't quite believe I am writing this but....we have our rings!!

As many people will know, we went on a long awaited trip to London this week, in search of our wedding rings. We might have gone on about it on Twitter / Facebook quite a lot, because a) it's a rarity that we get a row of days off together and b) who wouldn't be crazily excited about buying such symbols of permanence?!

So on tuesday morning, leaving Willow with her Nana (!!) we set off on a great big London adventure. Well actually, first we stopped off for breakfast at Ed's Diner in Birmingham, an American style diner in the middle of Selfridges, that sells yummy breakfast pancakes...


So full up of lovely breakfast we jumped aboard the train to London, with lots of things to keep us entertained (L can't sit still for longer than 5 minutes!)

Once in London we got a tube to Kensington High Street and checked in to our hotel before heading straight out again, we had a busy day ahead! We have both wanted to visit Westfield Stratford since it opened 18 months ago, so that was where we headed for the afternoon. It has to be said, we weren't overly impressed. It is enormous, granted, and so are all of the shops that it holds, but it doesn't look or feel that different from Birmingham's Bullring, and we go there at least once a week! It does however have a rather impressive world food court, where we had lots of gorgeous Lebanese (read Lebanese not Lesbian!) food for dinner. And will also boast the largest Victoria Secret store outside of the USA once it opens later this year (the only reason we may be tempted back there!).

Then, back to the other side of London to Shepherd's Bush Empire to see a band we have wanted to see for a while...Uh Huh Her. L has watched every single episode of the L Word, S has seen about 3 of them. It's rare we agree on music that we both like but with their cute girls playing amazing guitar and incredible voices, who could say no to the duo that is Leisha and Camilla?! We both also really enjoyed the support, Sick of Sarah (L has a big problem with their name though! How can anyone be Sick of Sarah?!). It was a brilliant night, both bands sang and danced and played their electric guitars with such talent and energy, we loved every bit of it. Amazing.

Getting ready for the gig

Wednesday morning, and we woke up to torrential rain. It rains every single time we go to London, and we go a lot! But even the rain couldn't put us off how exciting this day would be. So tube to Green Park and then a short walk up to Old Bond Street. And first stop...Tiffany! The reason for us choosing Tiffany was not for the label; Breakfast at Tiffany's is L's all time favourite film, she loves everything about it and has watched it a million times over. When we met she had a huge Audrey Hepburn poster up on her wall that she had had for years, and often talked about what that film represented to her. To her, there would be nothing more romantic than her beloved taking her to the shop with the beautiful blue boxes to chose something beautiful. And to me, there was no other place I was ever going to take her to choose her wedding ring than Tiffany.

For the more observant of you, you may have realised that this was not, in fact the first time we had visited Tiffany to choose our rings; we also went in December of last year. We looked, and looked, and talked about buying them, and looked some more. But decided to leave it for the time being, just to be sure. But it was, in fact, the exact rings that we loved then that we bought this time. The advantage of getting married next year is definitely being able to take our time making sure that we are certain of what we want. But we loved our rings then, and we certainly loved them even more the second time. So there and then, just like that, we bought them. They are matching, which we both love, and are simple white gold, diamond studded bands that sit beautifully next to both our engagement rings. And they are all dressed up in perfect blue boxes with white ribbons!

There are many bits of our day that we have saved money on. If we can make things ourselves, we have, and if we can cut a few pounds, we have. But our rings will be on our fingers for the rest of our lives together, they mean so much to us, in addition to being the most beautiful rings we have ever seen. And if you can't buy Tiffany for your wedding ring, when can you?!


  1. "How can anyone be sick of Sarah?" Lol you girls had us laughing! Glad you girls had a lovely trip! So excited for your little blue boxes!! Tiffanys is the greatest! xo

  2. Very nice story... and what a great trip you guys had to finally get the wedding bands of your dreams.


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