Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Just an awesome day!

On Thursday we had such a lovely day together I want to write it all down to remember how wonderful it was. One of the best things, in my opinion, about finding your soulmate is how suddenly all of the little things in life become magical events that only the two of you share. It is days like Thursday that I am grateful every single day, that I have found mine.

So, we began with a long lie in, perfect! Just what is needed as all we seem to have done recently is be passers - by as one of us returns from work and the other heads out. Our days off rarely seem to collide anymore. But we shouldn't complain, we are working hard to save for our wedding, and also our future (IVF isn't cheap!) so if we have to resemble ships in the night for a short time, then thats OK with us. So yes, we had a lovely long lie in together, and then I (L) suggested we should go out for breakfast together. I always think breakfast dates are quite romantic...I don't know why, perhaps being on a date when everyone else is at work or rushing about to school / play dates / appointments...and there we are, just enjoying each other's company. So two very lovely vegetarian breakfasts were consumed at Cherry Red's a tiny independent cafe not far from us.

As most people will know, our tiny baby spaniel (not exactly a baby, or tiny, anymore, but ours all the same!) was spayed on Tuesday to prevent accidental baby spaniels, so we spent the afternoon largely looking after her, and then had to take her back to the vets to make sure she is beginning to heal. We are under strict instructions to provide her with plenty of cuddles and TLC, to carry her as much as possible, and not to let her run or jump and pull her wound. We don't need telling twice - the perfect excuse to cuddle up all together all afternoon on the sofa, drink copious amounts of tea (sorry Willow you can have water) and watch lots of good TV. 

And then, the evening we had been waiting for for a very long time - an open evening at our wedding venue. When we booked our venue this time last year they very honestly told us that there would be some changes and renovating going on over Winter 2011 / 12, and that we would be invited to see the changes at some point over this summer. We were so excited when the email finally came through inviting us to an open evening, as we have had a certain level of apprehension that the place that we saw and loved when we booked it wouldn't be the same as the one we were presented with on our big day. 
Getting ready to go out..

We invited both sets of parents along to come and view the venue with us, as although both Mum's have been involved quite a lot with the planning, with visiting venue's etc, neither of them had seen the one we finally decided on. 

We needn't have been worried about the changes to the venue, they have only served to improve the feel and appearance of the place, it's even more beautiful than we remember! As it turns out the open evening had been cancelled (we obviously didn't get the email!) but the staff were still more than happy to show us all round, including the room in which we will hold our ceremony and reception, and a couple of the bedrooms including the bridal suite. It was a pleasure to see the look of approval on all our parent's faces, particularly our Dad's who both said it was a lot more beautiful than they had imagined :) I think it became real to them, that their daughter's are actually getting married. We were both incredibly proud to be showing them all round and talk them through the day as we envisage it.

My favourite part of the evening was turning into the drive up to the venue - as we turned in I got butterflies in my tummy, a mixture of nerves and excitement. When I said that to S later she said she had had exactly the same! It's over a year until we pull in to that long driveway to actually get married, I wonder how intensified that feeling will be then?! I absolutely cannot wait to marry this amazing girl, she is my idea of perfection. She makes the ordinary things in life extraordinary, she makes all the mundane things worth it, and the amazing things even more incredibly. And I am so very lucky that it is me that she has chosen to be her wife. So hurry up and let me marry her already!



  1. Awww this was about the sweetest blog post ever!! So much love :)

    Glad you had a wonderful day together, and that you still love your venue!!

    We are so happy for you!


  2. Yay for happy days! Well deserved! Xox


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