Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Planning.. Where are we up to?

I think this is the longest we've gone without writing a blog post since we started! With good reason, I might add. Getting time off to go to London meant we both had to work our shifts at the latter part of the week. And then last week we had lots of exciting plans, culminating in a day spent with fellow bloggers Laura and Sarah. We visited Cadbury World in Bournville (a few minutes drive from our house), and received a little bit (!!) of chocolate and learnt about how it's made.  In the evening they took us to Nandos (for our first time - hard to believe, I know!) and we ate some rather yummy food and continued to have a wonderful time.

Anyway, back to weddings...

Its hard to believe that we have been engaged for over a year already! When we got engaged, we knew we wanted to give ourselves time to save for our wedding, so that we wouldn't get worried about money. This is one of the main reasons why we are getting married in much as we would love to be Mrs and Mrs already, we knew that time was definitely of the essence where weddings are concerned, and having as long as possible means we won't get too stressed out.

We currently have just under a year and a month to go, and we have already planned quite a lot!

When we got engaged, and even before, we talked a lot about what kind of wedding we would like, but this definitely evolves with planning. Your venue shapes things a lot, and you will be bombarded with a plethora of things you didn't even know existed from wedding fairs, websites and magazines, so I think my advice for anyone planning ahead would be to not decide/book/buy everything too soon - its very likely you will change your mind about least some of it if you're anything like us! What we have really loved so far is looking at, debating about and saving pictures of what we like, and then returning to it a couple of months down the line to see if we still like what we originally did. If we do, we've booked it / bought it, thinking that we will still love it on our day.

So, a year in, this is what our planning looks like:
  • our daytime guest list is written, and we have an approximate number for the evening (we did this first as your venue need to know your numbers). We have also decided that we don't want children at our wedding - you spend so much time planning your perfect day, I really don't want our dream day to be ruined by a screaming child during our vows, or children running around us during our first dance. Its not the kind of thing children would enjoy, so we are popping a note on our info sheet in our invitations that we thought mummies and daddies would appreciate a night off! Our ceremony and wedding breakfast will be about 35 people, and our evening reception about 100.
  • Our venue is booked - we our having the ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception at the same venue (but different rooms) and they are also our caterers. Our parents still haven't seen the venue except for a few pics online, but we are taking them to an open day tomorrow (can't wait!) where they can see it set up as it would be for a wedding.
  • We have decided our colours and theme. L's favourite colour is pink, S's are purple and grey, so we agreed that pink and silver would be perfect for our summer wedding. L loves pearls and S loves diamonds, so this will be incorporated. As with our home, engagement, and much of our life, we want this day to be about us, and all the things we adore, so want a lot of personal touches - we don't want a copy of anyone else's wedding!    
We will both hold bouquets of pink roses <3
  •  We have booked our photographer - we met her at a wedding fair at the NEC and really got on with her and so didn't want to risk her being already booked on our date! Included in our package is a mini photo shoot to get us used to being photographed - we are planning on having it this autumn.
  • We have purchased things that were on offer or that we loved - we bought vases for our table centrepieces from ebay to save on rental costs, bought some candleholders that were on sale, and bought our favour bags just because we loved them so much. We also have our guestbook, and a couple of small decorations for the venue.
  • We are buying each others wedding jewellery as our wedding gift to each other. This means that we won't see the jewellery we are wearing until our wedding morning! We have both already bought some of this, and I (S) am confident that L knows my taste, and I love the idea of wearing something she has chosen for me.
  • We have our wedding rings, as they had already gone up in price which we didn't want to happen again, and because they were so perfect we knew we wouldn't change our minds.
  • We have our shoes! 
  • We are making save the dates, and have everything we need for these. We have started making them, and are going to send them out in a couple of months so that our guests have plenty of notice, especially as our wedding is on a Thursday.
Ribbon to match our fuchsia and silver theme

Whats next?

In July it will be a year to go so things will probably start to feel a little bit more intense, so we will look at booking our florist, ceremony music, and entertainment for our reception.

Our bridesmaid is organising our cake, and our parents are buying our dresses. Although we both have a bit of an idea what dress we both want, (and L has tried a couple on with her mum) we will leave this until the end of this year/early next year, and the same for dresses for our three bridesmaids, and suits for our dads and L's brother.

We are considering on booking a hairdresser to come to our venue on the wedding morning, but doing our makeup ourselves. We will likely book a makeup lesson with a Mac artist, just so we know what we are doing, and to buy any new things we need.

Around spring time next year we get to have our menu tasting at our venue - we are really excited about this as we love food! We are both vegetarian so our menu will be vegetarian - we will take a lot of consideration making sure it's something everyone will like, as we know a lot of people have a weird idea of what veggie food is, so looking forward to showing people how good it can be!

So many times we have said to each other "I absolutely can't wait to be your wife", and it's true, neither of us can wait for married life, to have that sense of belonging to each other like no other. We can't wait for our special day too, with all of the exciting big events you only get to do once, like have our Dad's walk us down the aisle. But it has to be said we are thoroughly loving this part too...the hours spent pouring over wedding magazines together, the hours spent lying in bed discussing every little detail of what our day will be like, the shopping and the visiting of fairs. As much as I want to be her wife, I also don't want the planning to end!


  1. Your save the date tags look so cute! Stace and I have recently been invited to our first wedding together, and I get the feeling I'll be walking round all day making unsubtle hints about it should be us next! I would say, however, as someone who has worked in a bridal store, that you should leave at least 6 months to order your dresses and have any alterations made... For some dress designs, you'll need to wait 4 months to have it delivered to the store.

    Also, so jealous of your trip to Cadbury's World!


  2. Hey lovelies - great blog post!Can't believe the week has flown by already- we are still on such a high from hanging out with you (and Willow :)) and can't wait to catch up - hopefully soon! The day went too quickly!

    As for the wedding planning - so exciting, we are loving reading all the updates and as always agree with so many of the points you have covered - we're doing the no kids thing too!! But there is so much we haven't even started to consider so we'll be picking your brains when our time comes. Exciting thou :) and v.impressed with the save the date's!

    Sarah (& Laura)

  3. Thanks for your advice Carley, neither of us realised it would take so long for a dress to arrive! That's madness! I (L) always assumed it was like any other walk in, chose your dress and it's yours. Im glad you said or I think I might have been rather disappointed!

    And thank you for your comment too Sarah, fire away with the I'm sure you have gathered, we could talk about wedding all day long! The amount that we have to consider / remember / decide on is all a bit mind-blowing at times, but you just need a long time to do it all so that it doesn't get overwhelming :) Look forward to helping you two out!

    L xxx


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