Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One year and 14 days to go...

...and for the first time this week, we have experienced wedding stress! So far, up until now, we have merrily skipped along basking in the sunshine that is wedding planning, happily choosing what we want and getting it, fairly easily.

Our task on this month's wedding checklist was to find a band to play at the evening reception. So, we set about finding bands that we liked the sound of, listening to sample tracks of theirs, contacting them to enquire of availability and price, and waited for the answers to be emailed back to us.

To our surprise some people must actually be willing to pay an extortionate amount of money for a live group quoted us £6000!! We'd expect Cheryl Cole to turn up for that much!! But most were a reasonable amount, and some offered us things like a DJ to play in between band sets, so we just provide a list of songs we like and leave the rest up to them. We decided on a band who were a) local to us, b) sounded really good live and c) were a decent price, and they confirmed that they were free and happy to play for us. They sent us a long list of questions and from that, they promised, they would draw up a contract and send it to us to sign and return.

Fast forward four weeks later and we'd not heard anything, so we email again and ask if everything is OK. The response we had was less than professional to say the least...the band are now busy that day (on a Thursday, next year, what are the chances?!) and so can't play for us. Now it MAY be a coincidence, but all of a sudden they were 'busy' when they saw it was two women getting married, yet they were free when just dealing with S, we can only conclude it is because they assumed her spouse was male.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, we wouldn't want people who don't support us and our right to marry the love of our lives to be present on our special day anyway!

Next task was to book the registrar who will perform our Ceremony on the big day. Now just to make this clear (because we had absolutely no idea) this is different from giving notice. You can give notice of your intention to register a CP anytime up to a year before the day, but not less than 15 days. But you can book the registrar anytime, the sooner the better, to ensure they are free on your day. And, helpfully, you can do it online.

Now came the difficulty - at what time would we like to get married? The options being 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm. BUT I WANTED 1PM!! We have worked all of our timings out on it being a 1pm ceremony! But nope, that is not an option! We can either have an hour earlier or later. After much much deliberating we have decided to go for the earlier option, giving us more time on the day to enjoy the company of our guests, and enjoy our special day. The 2pm option just doesn't sit right with me - it seems like we'd have spent most of the day apart!! So after a bit of irrational ranting from L, calm reassuring words for S that all would be OK in the end, a reassuring phone call to our amazing wedding coordinator, a phone call to the registry office local to our venue, and a long long discussion, we have now booked our Registrar!

We have now decided to stick with the nice-reading-wedding-magazine-type-planning, at least for the time being anyway!


  1. So sorry to hear you had trouble getting a band to play for your CP - I don't understand why it matters to them who is getting married, as long as they are getting paid!

    Love your blog BTW

    Jen x

  2. I agree that 12pm is better than 2pm, but the time you get married at 2 most of the day will have passed!

    So excited for you girls x

  3. Thankyou Jen! And no, I can't work out why it matters, especially as people providing anything for a wedding charge SO much!
    Luckily we have hopefully found a similar band now :)
    And thankyou anon, we think 12 is better too, more wedding to enjoy!
    S xx


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