Friday, 8 June 2012

A Right Royal Round-up!

So, we haven't done one of these in a little while; a non-wedding related, what-we-have-been-upto post! Well let me start at the beginning, normally our lives are work, sleep, work, sleep (repeat as necessary) but due to a recent back injury, I (L) have been off work for the last three weeks, and have at least another three weeks to go. So my life has mainly been chiropractor sessions (three times a week), physio sessions (twice a week) and lots and lots of rest. 

However, we have also managed to fit in some rather brilliant adventures, who says not being to walk upright 50% of the time can stop you having fun?!

Firstly, we met up with Laura and Laura, the writers behind the blog Becoming Mums, (also in our first 'Memories of a Lesbian Wedding' post here) a couple of Sundays ago. It all came about rather suddenly as they texted us on their way up to Birmingham for the Baby show at the NEC to suggest we meet them for a coffee on the Sunday, and so we did! They are a really lovely couple, and it was so great for us to have the chance to chat to a couple about weddings, honeymoons and babies, who are about a year or so ahead of us the whole process! This is the brilliant thing about blogging, you gather so much information by reading someone else's personal account of it - and then to meet the people who write it was even better! Theirs was the first blog that we ever read, and we still very much love it as much now as we did then. Can't wait to meet the babies that were kicking their Mummy to death during our coffee, and see if my gender predictions are right (they won't be, I'm rubbish, and old wives tales are too!!).

The following Sunday we had another trip to London,  this time to finally meet Megan (as of Wegan and their blog What Wegan Did Next). Do you remember when it was summer? It was about 28 degrees, we could wear lovely summery clothes, drink frappucinos and not be the permanent milky white colour that prevails our country. Well it was one of the four days of summer 2012 that we drove down to London, stopping en route to see some family, and arrived to the most amazing view of the Thames ever. In the world. We had a lovely time with Megan and her friends, the conversation flowed easily and it was a real pleasure to spend time with her. It's just such a shame Whitney couldn't have been there too, but are very much looking forward to meeting and getting to know her very soon!
We LOVED drinking wine and watching the sunset over the Thames <3
In the final part of our adventures we are sad to say there were no lesbians involved, just lots of fields full of sheep, and miles and miles of...nothing!! On Tuesday we travelled down to Devon to spend time with some of L's family, and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with a street party (that ended up as a front room party due to ridiculous weather!). We had spent the weekend making union jack cupcakes, drinking pimms and lemonade and watching all of the celebrations on the TV (wishing so bad that we could've been in London to celebrate there!) and generally having a rather brilliant weekend, just the two of us.
Our handiwork!

But it was also lovely to escape the city life for a few days, and spend some time walking along the beach and through the countryside, seeing various aunts / uncles / cousins, and eating lots and lots of cake! We have to admit though, as quaint and picturesque as the rolling hills are, we are very much city girls, and couldn't cope for many more days without wi-fi, starbucks and being able to 'pop to the shop' instead of driving five miles to find one!!
Jubilee celebrations!

Beautiful countryside with added bunting!

Less about us, more wedding planning posts to come soon!

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