Saturday, 16 June 2012

Why Im glad Im marrying a girl...

This post follows on from the last, in a fashion. In the way that it doesn't really, but I wrote it on the same day... I had had enough of reading / seeing / hearing about people thinking that my relationship means I am immoral, and undeserving of happiness. And that due to the fact my soulmate is a woman, I should not have the right to marry her. Well, here it is, a few of the reasons why, although the fact my beautiful woman and I both only like other women (i.e. BEING GAY IS NOT A CHOICE!!), I am so very glad that I am marrying a girl!

1. We can both wear dresses
I mean, seriously, there is no glamour in a suit! Nobody remembers what the groom was wearing, or remembers the stunned silence as everyone awes in the beauty of his...suit. But everyone remembers how the bride looked, how much detail was in her dress, how it swished as she walked down the aisle.... And we get to both wear one. Unless of course we both decide to ditch our femininity and go for a suit and converse combo. Unlikely.

2. We get to discuss the whole wedding in minute detail
Today we spent a good hour discussing what we will both wear the day after the day after our wedding (keeping up?!) The day we travel to Mexico, the 6th of July; we both discussed a variety of outfit styles that we could go for, to complement each other, and taking into account the fact we are travelling for a long time. We also discussed possible colours, and which nail colours would look good. Try doing that if you were marrying a would be a short conversation.

3. We are absolute equals
I'm not saying straight women don't find their equal, but I don't think it happens as often. When I think of the (many) straight couples in my life - most have someone who goes out to work, makes the vast majority of decisions and is the 'head' of the household. This is certainly the case with both sets of parents - and although they seem fairly happy with this arrangement, I most definitely want an equal. I love the way S and I agree on most things, and the things we don't agree on sparks a discussion, in which we find the middle ground. I love that she is my equal in everything we do, that we share household duties, share bringing in the income (and spending it!), and work together to achieve a happy life together, instead of one of us relying on the other to do so.

4. She is my very very best friend
Therefore we can spend days on end together and never ever get bored. We never run out of conversation, we never stop laughing about something, and yet we have the most brilliant and inspiring discussions too. She gets me like nobody has ever even tried to before, without having to try. She is the most fun I have ever had in my life, and is so silly sometimes I can't help but wonder if she's real. If we never had anybody else in our lives it really wouldn't matter, because we have each other, and therefore we have everything.

5. She is my world
So often I hear my straight friends / cousins etc say things like "oh god I've got to spend the whole weekend with him now". Something I find a bit odd, because I can never spend enough time with this amazing person. She is the most beautiful person on earth, she is my best friend, confidente, inspiration, comedian, lover, soulmate, romanticist and when she's got her arms around me I feel like the world stops, just for us, that only me and her exist and it's perfection. Most of my straight friends really don't get it - I guess we're just the lucky ones!


  1. Not that i'm stalking you waiting for your next post but this came up just as I was checking you're blog :) Timing is everything! Another post that had L&I both say 'OMG that's so true, and that's just like us!' The friend bit especially - we are the only team-mates (we decided while making dinner that we made such an amazing team :)again)we need! And it is weird when you have your 'one' everything is just better - even today, a somewhat mundane day of chores, cooking & food shopping has been the best day i've had ALL week because it's just the 2 of us! Lots of Love Sarah (& Laura)xo

  2. Ahh this is me and my partner, Kaylee! I also posted something like this on my blog a while back, about why I love dating a woman :)

  3. I can't agree more with this post! Wow! You nailed it on the head, exactly how I feel about my partner, too!! She is my soulmate, my best friend, my entire world! My daughter seems to not be able to spend enough time with her, and that's how I feel too!! I love the woman I am with and would not change it for a moment!! <3

    1. Thats so cute Mel, thanks so much for your comment. This is so often what we say about lesbian couples - straight couples just don't talk about their other halves in this way :) Like I said, we're obviously just the lucky ones! L&S xx

  4. Truth! Wedding planning and clothes sharing are def our top two faves!


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