Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No time for wedding planning!

We had originally written a post about searching for bridesmaid's dresses to post this evening, and this was tagged on the end. But then decided it deserved a post in it's own right, so that will come later in the week! For now...

The past two weekends we haven't had any time for wedding planning! Firstly, the weekend before last we went to London for World Pride. Although we have been to Birmingham Pride once, seen part of the parade in Brighton, and kind of wandered past the stalls at London Pride once, we have never seen a parade in full, or committed to spending the whole day!

We started the weekend driving down to London, leaving Birmingham to receive a month's worth of rainfall in 24 hours!  Parking our car at our friend's flat, we then bravely found our way into central London to meet them from work (so proud we managed this all by ourselves!!). We went for a yummy dinner with them at Spaghetti House (our first visit here - they have also previous introduced us to Nandos!) then went to the South Bank to see Cantina - a cabaret, retro style circus part of E4's Udderbelly festival. It was like nothing we had ever seen before - which is a definite good sign in our book! I would recommend it - from a girl in heels tightrope walking, to a guy revealing a bit more than required by a group of lesbians, you won't be able to take your eyes off the stage! Afterwards we walked along the South Bank to take photographs of the beautiful sunset.

The next day we were up bright and early to get to Trafalgar Square (on a Saturday - madness!). After a McDonalds breakfast we sat on the side of the road and awaited the parade. We didn't mind being early as we shared a bit more chatter, but being well prepared meant we were front row for the parade! The parade itself was fantastic - the removal of floats and vehicles seemed to only make people more enthusiastic to be loud and proud, and there was a brilliant atmosphere.

After the parade, and covered in stickers and free sunglasses, we made our way over to Trafalgar Square where the stalls and stage were set up, and somehow among the squillions of people managed to find our friends Megan and Whitney from What Wegan Did Next, and also met Stacey and Carley from A Summer Full Of Peaches. It was our first time meeting Whitney as she has recently moved over to the UK after the brilliant news her visa had been granted, and were happy to find we get on with her equally as well as we do her other half, she is very lovely! It was really nice to spend time with them both - they definitely complete each other. We spent the evening having dinner at Pizza Express, then drinking cocktails in Soho (never been here either, we are truly rubbish lesbians!), although as we were all exhausted from getting up so early, we headed home fairly early, tired but very happy! 
On our way home the next day, we popped into see our friends Laura and Laura in their beautiful new home, and catch up with them for the last time before they become mummies! We wish them the best of the luck in the final part of their pregnancy journey and can't wait to meet their new additions. They are a couple that we feel represent us a few years into the future, and we are grateful to have people who we can share life experiences with, not to mention the fact they are both such lovely people.

On Saturday we drove down to Windsor to visit Megan and Whitney in their new home, accompanied by our fur baby Willow! We wandered into Windsor and went for a yummy lunch at a Moroccan restaurant, with much wedding chat thrown in too! As usual we loved spending time with Megan and Whitney, and to see how happy they are in their very beautiful new house.
After our very gay weekend (!) it was time to drive home, with some fabulous memories. We loved our second London Pride!


  1. Was lovely to meet you two ladies at World Pride too - I've had a post ready to go live about it, but I left my phone in Essex and so have been holding out posting it as it has no pictures!

    Can't wait to read about your bridesmaid dress shopping too!

    Carley xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time :)


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