Wednesday, 4 July 2012

One year today...

I don't know where the time has gone exactly, as we have been engaged for exactly 474 days, but today marks it being ONE YEAR until our wedding day!

We have been very happily surprised with the amount of people texting / tweeting / face booking etc. to say congratulations on what many have said is our minus one year anniversary! So thank you to everyone who has, it really means an awful lot to us that you have remembered <3

Today has been a very exciting day of work (!!), but at various points of the day we have both stopped and thought "this time next year we'll be...". We gave out quite a lot of our save the dates, to S family, and our work colleagues, and the rest have gone in the post :) I hope the weather improves next year though, it has officially rained for the vast majority of the day! But that did result in a rather beautiful rainbow on our drive home.

So as S keeps reminding me, as from tomorrow we have months left until the big day, as opposed to years. And here is roughly how we plan to spend them in terms of planning....

July - One of the things we have most been looking forward to is being able to give notice. That is, notice of our intention to form a civil partnership. After we have done this, we both feel that the day will have an official stamp on it! So as from today we can make an appointment to go and give notice together. 

August - flowers! We need to make a decision regarding doing our own or hiring a florist. And if we go for the florist option this is about the right sort of time to go and see some, and hire one.

September - September is our anniversary month, so we may plan a day out to escape from wedding planning :) We do however have our pre wedding shoot with our photographer, to get us used to being photographed, as neither of us are a fan of this! 

October - We have tickets to go back to the National Wedding Show at the NEC, this time taking both Mother of the Brides along too. Both of whom are ridiculously excited about all this wedding business!

November - This seems to be the right kind of time to go and look at wedding dresses. Individually, with our Mums and maybe a bridesmaid each, we will go and find the perfect dress. This gives time for alterations to be made before the big day, as we have been warned in blog comments that it could take up to 6 months.

December - bridesmaids! We have three (S has two, L has one), who are similar ages but very different shapes. We want them all to be in the same dress, and for their dresses to compliment ours. Wish us luck!

January - we have quite a few DIY projects - stationary, decorations, cake etc so will plan these more carefully and get started on a lot of them. We also need to hire suits for our Dads and L's brother - L is very excited about this, S not so much!

February - we will probably give our invitations out around this time. We are making these ourselves so will probably start quite far in advance!

March - menu tasting! For two food lovers you can only guess how excited we are to go and decide the food that we will eat on the day.

April - we need new passports and deed poll documents with our change of name, so this needs to be sorted out well in advance of our honeymoon to Mexico. Neither of us can quite wait to receive our new passports with our new married names on <3

May - We need to have trials with our hairdressers who will be coming to our venue on our wedding day, to check there will be no nasty surprises! We are considering doing our own makeup, as it will give us something to concentrate on on the morning, and we both have hated how makeup artists have done our makeup in the past. We will probably have a lesson at a Mac store, and buy anything we need. We also have our final meeting with our wedding coordinator.

June - our last month as Miss and Miss! We will (hopefully!) have everything sorted by this time, and will concentrate on booking any beauty treatments needed, and trying not to get ridiculously excited! Oh and there may be a little bit of honeymoon shopping involved!

Time really is going to fly, isn't it?!

Us at 5.30am watching the Olympic Flame leave Birmingham on Sunday- amazing!


  1. Eeek - happy 1 year countdown, and that is a lovely lovely picture of you two! I hear you ladies will be in London for pride this weekend? Stace and I plan to head down too, hope to bump into you at some point!

    Carley xx

  2. Happy 1 year countdown lovelies.....SO exciting!!! We are getting excited just reading through your post...can't wait to see how it turns out!! Loving the bit about counting down the months instead of years, it's going to come round so quickly! Just wish the weekend would hurry up already :) Love S&Lxo

  3. Happy countdown! Isn't it amazing how much time flies? We can't wait for more wedding updates! Love the DIY projects and especially can't wait for that post. We are doing DIY stuff as well=) xo


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