Friday, 27 July 2012

The London 2012 Olympics have arrived!

One of the appeals of the Olympics for me is it's permanence. I enjoy its cyclical nature; that every four years without fail the whole nation gets behind our sporting best and cheers them on, and prays for gold (it rarely happens!), and then, just like that, it's gone again. At least for another four years.

This year is even more brilliant, as it is London's turn to host the greatest games on earth. I have realised in recent years that I'm actually quite patriotic, Great Britain at it's finest is just that, Great! I wait with excitement and anticipation to watch as our capital city pulls out all the stops and shows us at our finest. We have many, many reasons to be proud to live and belong here, and to host this years Olympics.
Brit Pride!

Its also very exciting that the Olympics are being held in London, as it meant we got to see the Olympic Flame! Birmingham will become home to Team Jamaica and Team USA during the games, and its fun to see the city filled with flags, and a growing sense of pride and community.

The Olympic torch leaving Birmingham
I enjoy that each quadrennium brings a little moment to stop and reflect on what the past four years have brought me, and what the next four may bring. I can remember very very clearly the day of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008. I was a student midwife, just about to qualify, and working alone in the community as was allowed in the final placement of our training. I had seen a lady regularly throughout her pregnancy and was then very saddened to hear that she had lost her baby at 27 weeks of pregnancy. On the day of the opening ceremony I visited her at home to do a routine postnatal check, and we talked about what could've been. I shared in her grief, for that moment in time, and let her know she was not alone. She mentioned that she had always assumed that by the time this Olympics came round she would have a 3 and a half year old, running around the place. But that wasn't meant to be, not for her. 

I spent time too reflecting on my own life, and wondering where the next four years would take me. I remember excitedly thinking I may finally get to live with the girl of my dreams in OUR OWN HOUSE, but that prospect seemed so far away, what with a mortgage deposit to save for. I wondered if we may be married, if we'd finally have a puppy (I'd asked S if I could have a dog every single day for about three years!), or even a baby. I wondered where we'd be living; I was yet to secure a midwifery job and knew they were few and far between, London was looking like the most likely option. The amazing thing was I never ever wondered if we would still be a couple - when you find your soulmate there is no more wondering!

So here we are, London 2012 just about to begin and we have achieved a lot of what I pondered! We have the house, we have the puppy, we almost have the marriage, we've found jobs that we enjoy and that give us enough to have, or save for, what we want in life. We have families that love us and that we adore. More than ever we value love - each others, our families, our friends and a love for life and the world around us, more than material possessions. The UK are moving towards giving us a marriage and not a civil partnership, and we've made some brilliant friends along the way. 

So what next? Well Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will hold the 2016 games. So I sit here quietly reflecting again where our lives will take us. We will in a Civil Partnership, I'm certain of that. Will we be married? Perhaps. Have a baby? We hope so. Have two? We hope not! See parts of the world? Absolutely - Mexico, Western USA and New Zealand, we hope. Live in the UK? Who knows! Be together? There's no question! We will continue to love each other and grow together with each day, month and year that comes.

Four years goes so quickly! Where were you four years ago? Where do you think you'll be in four years time? I wonder if we'll be right in our predictions!


  1. Wonderful post. It's weird to think that when the last Olympics happened L and I had met but weren't together! So much has happened in the last 4 years. It's so cool to think about what life might be like by the next Olympics. Xx

  2. Nice use of the word quadrennium!
    4 years ago I had no idea that I would be completing a BSc with first class honours! Hopefully by 2016 Lucy and I will be in our new house with a little one... We should be in the same careers but hopefully we will both have grown and developed our knowledge and skills even more.

    And wasn't the opening ceremony AMAZING!!!


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