Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Today, as planned for August in our 'To Do' list, we started to organise a florist for our wedding!
This is a bit we were looking forward to as its a fun, girly task compared with things like (yawn) giving notice!

We decided on our pink and silver colour scheme pretty much as soon as we started planning our wedding (which was...ooh...a couple of days after we got engaged?!) so pretty much knew that we want pink flowers. Roses are my favourite flower, and L loves orchids, lilies, and gerbera daisies. We did spend a fair while trying to work out how to combine our favourite flowers. Cala lilies are beautiful, but are very expensive, and very difficult to find in pink. Orchids are gorgeous alone, but are difficult to combine in bouquets as they often get lost amongst the larger, brighter flowers. So we'll stick to having them to brighten up our home! As gerbera daisies come in pink, are seasonal during summer, go well with roses, and are fairly cost effective, we decided on these.
 images from Viadervitality

Florists are a particular vendor that you will find easy to get information on if you are planning a wedding. Most venues have recommended florists (and usually recommended photographers and room dressers) and every wedding fair will have details of florists. Wedding magazines also provide lots of advice on flowers, there are even magazines solely dedicated to wedding flowers!

As we've mentioned in previous posts, people dedicate different sized chunks of their budget to different things, and although we want our flowers to look lovely (obviously!) like the rest of our wedding, we don't want to spend a huge amount on something if we can do it effectively, but for less money. We did speak for a while about doing our own floristry, as we are both fairly creative people and happy to spend hours doing crafty projects, but the thing that put us off was having a huge list of 'To Do's immediately prior to the wedding. Its not as if the flowers can be made up a couple of weeks in advance, and although we would be incredibly proud to look around and know it was our handiwork that created it, we didn't want to create any extra stress in the week before the wedding than was necessary.

So after deciding we would definitely be going for a professional florist, and having looked through the pile of flyers for florists, we made an appointment to see one today. We completely forgot to take the pictures we have saved of things we liked, or pictures of our venue! Luckily, the lady we met with was brilliant. She showed us her portfolios of work, asked what our colour scheme was, what flowers we wanted, and in what format (how many bouquets, bridesmaids, buttonholes, centrepieces etc).
She seemed very confident in her work, and did what every good wedding vendor should do - listen to your ideas, develop a picture of what you want, then add her own input to make it better. If we said we liked the idea of something but were unsure about how to put this into place, she would offer suggestions. She had lots of good ideas that we hadn't thought of on how to inject our personality into the wedding - something very important to us.

Having written down all our information, she will put together a quote and email it to us in the next couple of days, and we can then confirm our booking with her from there.She really helped me see how our wedding will look when everything has been put together, and how things will complement each other. Because of this we may actually change a few things we had previously thought about, but we've been told this happens a lot in wedding planning as you discover new ideas, so hopefully the vendors will be patient with us in achieving our dream!!

We love gerberas and roses together, minus the peas!!


  1. (That last comment was from me by the way). We just got married on Monday - I am over the moon! x


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