Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hens, bachelorettes and no plastic boy parts...

As we now have about ten and a half months to go (how did that happen?!) we have started to think about our hen party (or bachelorette party if you're american - it does sound classier!).

We were asked if we'd have separate parties, and decided we didn't want to do this - we have the best time when we're together, and would both be really upset if we went on a fab day/night out and the other one wasn't there to share it. In addition to this, we didn't want a "typical" hen party. In the UK, hen parties conjure up images of pink limousines full of loud girls wearing L plates and drinking huge amounts of alcohol through plastic penis straws! This definitely isn't us - we aren't big drinkers (and unsurprisingly aren't too eager to buy penis straws either).

So what other options are there? Initially, we looked at where we could have it, what we would do etc, and also factored in that cost can determine whether people come or not. We were stuck for ideas, as if you Google hen party ideas, you seem to have a choice of either options of vintage craft classes that go hand in head with the current vintage wedding trend - this really isn't us. Or, the other extreme (and the most popular) male strippers, club passes and not much else! Neither of these options would be what we (or the majority of our hen party group) would find fun.

Completely stumped, we decided to forget about hen party planning for a while. We had bought a Groupon voucher for afternoon tea at a spa in the new Cube building in Birmingham a while ago, so decided to go along. While we were there, the idea came about that it would be a lovely place for a hen party! The cube is pretty, modern, girly, a bit quirky, and very 'us'!

The Cube, and our yummy cakes

After our absolutely delicious afternoon tea, we decided to go and find out more information , so asked for a quick look around and helpful chat with the spa staff - and got some brochures for ideas about pricing. In this rather unusual new structure there is also a gorgeous new boutique hotel - again, very us!
Coming home and discussing how perfect a day there would be for us, we have come up with the following plans:
A day in the spa: relaxing, fun, giving people who haven't met a chance to chat, and if anyone wanted to pay to have a treatment, they could do so. Whether people are more into swimming / relaxing in a jacuzzi, having a massage or getting their nails done, hopefully there will be something for everyone!
Followed by a meal at one of the nearby restaurants - nothing formal, just yummy food and drinks with some fabulous ladies! If people couldn't make the spa day, they could join us at the meal.
Then onto a champagne lounge for a bit of bubbly.
Finished off by staying over in the hotel - especially useful for travelling guests or for ones that didn't want to make their way home after a few cocktails!

Everything is within very short walking distance ( the photo above of the Cube was taken outside the bars/restaurants), and people could either just come to the spa or for a meal, or come to the spa, have treatments, come for a meal and stay over, or any combination they choose.

The Spa Lounge
We think this plan seems much more us than pink limousines, and are now actually really looking forward to it! We haven't decided when, maybe around early May time - when it will be only 2 months to go!!

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  1. Sounds very exciting! :)

  2. We never heard the term hen party before! We get asked the same question and opted to have a joint bachelorette party. The spa sounds so exciting and relaxing!

  3. Looks the perfect place for a hen party....everyone likes to be pamperd :))) xx

  4. That looks like the perfect place to me. I'm with you guys the tradional hen parties are just not me at all. This seems much better! x

  5. Sounds amazing - all of it! the fact that people can pick and mix what they join you for is a great idea. And all much classier than penis straws and male strippers! But no pink limo? Come on ;) L& I are also going for the joint party - we share all the same friends so it would be horrible deciding who went first and then one of us sat at home. Like you said - we have have best time together :)
    Sarah (& Laura) xo


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