Tuesday, 18 September 2012

If I knew what a bucket list was...

...then I think this would be one. However I'm (L) not entirely sure it is one, as Im not entirely sure what one is! But recently I have been thinking more and more about things I want to achieve in life, places I want to go and one - off experiences I want to do. I suppose this is for two reasons - firstly, we haven't been away (abroad) in a while now, because unfortunately weddings don't come cheap! And secondly, with an impending marriage to my absolute best friend in the world, it feels rather fitting that I should want to explore the world with her. And I absolutely do - one of the things that I am most looking forward to is that for the rest of our lives our adventures will always be together. I have never had so much fun as I do with her, and experiences don't mean half as much when shared without her. I would love to be able to look back over our life together when we have grown old and think WOW what a life it was! There are big adventures, little details, and massive life changing events that I want to do with her...
  •  Have a baby. I can't wait to grow a little person for us, and for us to fill it with love, hope and adventure, and show it how beautiful the world is.
  •  Live abroad. Even if just for a few months, later on in our life, I want to live in another land for a while.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Travel round New Zealand in a camper van. I've wanted to do this for ages and ages.
  • Go camping (or more likely glamping!). Just once. I imagine we'd hate it, its so not us, but I want to try!
  • Go skiing. The snow, the peace, the mountains...
  • Have dinner at the top of the "Gherkin" in London. Would cost half a house, but just once, I'd love to!
  • Go christmas shopping in New York. Ive wanted to do this for about ten years!
  • Own a VW Beetle. Old or new. Again, this has been an ambition for about 15 years.
  • Visit Scotland. We've been once, for Hogmanay in Edinburgh, but I want to visit the beautiful landscapes, the castles steeped in amazing history, and the uninhabited vastness.
  • Complete the Moonwalk - we love London, breast cancer charities are very close to our hearts, it'd be an incredible experience.
  • Finish my Masters degree. I have started it, in Midwifery, but the funding was cut. I want to finish it one day - I want to change midwifery practice for the better, even just a little bit.
  • Go on holiday on a canal boat - they look so serene and idyllic.
  • Go to an Olympic Games. We missed out on London 2012 - the tickets were too expensive, and this just wasn't the right year for us to afford it. But we are hoping 2020 will be in Europe again and we will go then....with our little ones in tow!
  • Spend a Christmas volunteering - particularly when we have children, if not before. Our ideal place would of course be a dog shelter, to give them love and walks on christmas day, but we'd bring them all home with us!! So its more likely to be in a soup kitchen or similar. I want our children to know that Christmas will be incredibly exciting, for them, but for a lot of people it will be heartbreakingly lonely and sad, and I want to bring them up with the ability to share their happiness and love with others in need. 

Next half of this post is written by S...
Firstly,  the title of the post really makes me laugh! There are so many moments when L makes me laugh by being able to explain the most complex of medical terms but not knowing what the simplest of pop culture terms are - "How have you never heard of hump day?!'' ''You must know what a bucket list is?!' ''You've NEVER seen Mean Girls?!'' She's a law unto herself - which is one of many reasons I love her :)
I would also agree with almost everything on L's list. When I met her, I did not want children. I had never been in love, or imagined anyone would want to marry me, and I have never been the most maternal of people. I rarely think babies are cute (I'm sorry!) and to this day have no desire to be pregnant, ever. However, falling in love with L has made me want a family with her. I would love bringing a child up, teaching it things and raising it to be a good person, especially with L - she will be an amazing mother.
Living abroad also sounds good - the ideal time would be years ahead though, when we have grown up children and no pets! Seeing the Northern Lights has been something I've wanted to do for many years, as has visiting New York. The other things on the list aren't things I have always had a burning desire to do but are things I would love to do with L, especially as they mean something to her.
As for me, I wouldn't say I have a bucket list. I probably would if I thought long and hard about it but it isn't something I've ever really considered! I want to be happily married, to have good jobs that we are happy in, and for the people I love to be happy and healthy. In an ideal world though, here are a few things I would like to check off my list -

  • There are lots of places I'd like to visit - Morocco, Sri Lanka and Prague to name a few, but its more a desire to travel and see different places and cultures than specific places. I'd like to go to Paris (we've been before - for my 21st seven years ago but were too young and poor to do it properly!). I'd, like L, love to go to New York, and go shopping and for hot chocolate at Christmas, hopefully in the snow?! (Not sure how that would work as I'm not a fan of the cold!)  New Orleans was the setting of a few books I loved as a teenager, so I'd love to go and see the voodoo charm of the French Quarter! Our family holidays were often to Ibiza - my dad used to be a scuba diving instructor in his spare time so he used to go diving there lots. My memories of it are the beautiful landscapes, amazing sunsets, and the friendly, laid back hippy culture. My dad used to point out beautiful luxury villas in the hills and I would love to to stay in one with L one day - just us, relaxing, yummy food, and a view.
We love sunsets - this one was in Malta during our beach picnic!
  • I love nature, and I'd love to go and see wildlife in a way you could't see everyday - whale watching or maybe even safari would be amazing.
  • I love learning, and after my counselling & psychotherapy course I would definitely consider enrolling on another course, or learning another language, or a bit of a few languages - I learnt french and german at school and picked up a little spanish but I can't remember any of them! 
  • I'd like to learn to drive. I had lessons about 8yrs ago but had an awful instructor that put me off for life! However its not practical that I can't drive, so I would like to learn, especially as I like cars (albeit only expensive ones : / )
This will do! (Image from AutoBlog)

We are sure these lists will change as we get older, but the fun thing about lists is checking things off them!


  1. This post was super sweet and it made me laugh out loud at work! I'm totally with both of you on the New York Christmas shopping trip - and I'd def like to learn to drive too. I haven't had the motivation living in St Andrews and then Edinburgh! As for visiting Scotland, you'd always be more than welcome in our spare room if you fancied another Edinburgh trip - although it'd pretty cold up here at the moment, so maybe wait til summer?!


    1. Thankyou Carley, thats so nice of you :) and yep, next time we go to Edinburgh we'll definitely make sure its not December!
      S xx

  2. Traveling to as many places as possible and living abroad would be on our bucklist as well! Sweet post, made us smile! And... you should come shopping in NYC during Christmas! The outdoor vendors in Bryant Park are the best!

  3. Thankyou ladies :) We will definitely want New York advice from you when we tick that off our list!
    S xx


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