Thursday, 4 October 2012

My birthday!

Following on in our very jam packed 2 weeks holiday from work, my (S) birthday was on Tuesday! Yay! I was 28, which means this is the 6months of the year where I am 2 years older than L.
My parents came over on Sunday and bought me an amazing sticky toffee fudge cake, so we shared that over a nice cup of tea and catch-up.
On Monday we had a lovely visitor in the form of our friend Sarah who had a training day in Birmingham the next day, so she joined us for dinner and diet coke!
On Tuesday, as I always get up early on my birthday (28 and the excitement is still going strong!) we drove Sarah to the train station (very bizarre going to the station I commute to work from, but getting to get back in the car and going home!).
When we got back, I opened my cards and presents. As we are saving for our wedding, I asked all my family for money, so I got to open lots of money filled cards! I also had cards from my friend Becky from Leeds with a pretty necklace, and a card from the lovely Laura and Laura who we visited last week.
Some other friends got me a box of goodies from Lush, one of my favourite shops ever, and they were all pink! The wrapping was so pretty, and we had fun using the yellow ribbon to dress Willow up as a bumble bee! They also got me a pink and black McQueen skull scarf which I will be wearing every day - they saw I had pinned a pic of one on Pinterest so scoured ebay looking for one - very sweet. Their card was designed like a film poster from Moonpig, and they had written a super sweet poem inside, I loved it!

L got me an amazing card - hard to explain but it was 3 hanging hearts that you write on the back of - so cool!
L had agreed not to buy me presents, as she had already got me a beautiful leather jacket with studded shoulders to wear on our engagement photo shoot, but she failed at this! She got me a Kindle, which I've wanted for ages, and will prove very useful on our honeymoon as I read books so quickly!
L's parents got me a purple case for the kindle, and wrote a sweet message in my card, signing it 'your future mother and father in law, which I thought was lovely. L also got me a beautiful delicate butterfly ring from Accessorize, a purple sweater with 'Love' in studs, and a grey sparkly cover for my iPhone, as I'm sure there are only so many times you can drop an iPhone before it smashes! Honestly, a phone made of glass, who's idea was that?!

Iphone is finally safe!
Presents from L (and Willow!) and the cool hanging card!
After breakfast and presents, we went for a lovely autumny walk with Willow. We picked more blackberries (we are freezing them all until we decide what to do with them!) and enjoyed being the only people out walking! We love autumn, it was so pretty.
Leaves, acorns, toadstools and berries
In the afternoon we went to our local cinema as I've been wanting to see Paranorman for ages! Its created by the same people who made Coraline, a film which I loved as one of the directors had worked with Tim Burton, in addition to it being written by one of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman.
Going during the day was great, as it meant we were one of only two couples in the huge 3D screening room!  The film was brilliant - an animation about a young boy who can see dead people, who has to save his town from a zombie attack. It was the type of kids film that adults will appreciate too, and had the same kind of feel as Finding Nemo in that a lot of the messages 'your father isn't afraid of you, he's afraid for you' can be related to growing up gay. This could also relate to race, nationality, or disability. The messages that being different isn't bad, and that bullies are stupid are great for a kids film in my opinion. Also, the good looking 'jock' type character, casually mentions near the end of the film 'my boyfriend loves chick flicks' which we thought was brilliant.
A lot of people have complained that this renders the (PG certificate) film unsuitable for children, even going so far as to label it 'gay propaganda', but we both felt the film gave valuable life messages in a subtle way, and would be happy for our child, of any age, to watch this film. We also saw the trailer for the new Tim Burton film, Frankenweenie, which as a huge Tim Burton fan, I am really excited about!
After the film we went for a pumpkin spice latte, then after collecting Sarah we returned home, where we, and Willow, had to say goodbye. To finish off my birthday evening we went into Birmingham for dinner at Yo Sushi in Birmingham's Brindley Place - a lovely area situated next to the canals that has lots of pretty walkways and lit-up fountains.
My birthday was amazing, and I'm really grateful to have such lovely family, friends and fiancee!
Looking more geek than chic in 3D glasses, Pumpkin Spice lattes, Brindley Place,
and Willow getting a goodbye hug
The following day, we had our engagement or practice shoot with our wedding photographer at her studios in Chester. She had mentioned we could bring Willow along, so the three of us drove the 1hr 45min journey. On our arrival our photographer chatted to us about poses (which I was so nervous I didn't hear any of) then we headed out to the woods behind her studio, where she took lots of shots of the three of us.
We both felt quite awkward at first, but after a while we found it easier to relax, and then we headed into the studio so we could have some shots of the two of us taken. The photographer had a couple of ideas I wasn't sure of, one of which I agreed to try, and another which I refused - I felt awful but I really didn't feel it was 'us'. I think its really important for wedding vendors to know exactly what you like and don't like, even if you feel awkward speaking up at first.  Our photographer is really talented, and we're looking forward to seeing the end results when we go to view the photographs in a months time!

On the way back, we saw another bus with the Stonewall "Some people are gay, get over it!" advertisements. We didn't know this campaign was being extended further than London, but have seen about 7 buses in Birmingham (even as far as us in the suburbs!) carrying the ad so far, which is great!

A bit dark but the only one I got chance to photograph!
Today, there is still no rest for the wicked! I had an interview with the leader of Birminghams LGBT youth group, and have been offered a volunteer placement as a youth worker at the group. I'm really excited as it provides great practical experience to go alongside my counselling & psychotherapy course. I struggled with my own sexuality and identity as a teenager, and would love the opportunity to provide a positive example to other young people who are going through the same.

Tomorrow we have the National Wedding Fair at the NEC in Birmingham with our mums, where we are looking at the last things we have to organise - outfits for our bridal party, and our dresses!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! So glad Sarah got to be there a bit too, though I wish I could have! So glad you loved our prezzies!

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding show, looking forward to hearing all about it!!



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