Monday, 15 October 2012

We're official!

Just a mini wedding update post, as on Friday we gave notice of our intent to form a Civil Partnership!
We had made an appointment as required at the Registry Office that's local to where we live, which is Birmingham Registry Office (our registrar will be from the Registry Office local to our venue).
We had been told to bring various forms of I.D, so we both bought way more than necessary, just in case!
We were led into a room with a registrar and interviewed together, which confused us as we were expecting to be interviewed separately, and for the interview to be a lot more in depth!
The registrar started with me (as they always start with the oldest - how rude!) and asked me for my full name, date of birth, occupation, my parents full names, and their occupations. She then asked L for the same, although we had to phone L's dad to ask him what exactly his occupation is defined as - is 'hotelier' even a word?!
The registrar was lovely, and chatted to us - about our choice of honeymoon, and saying that she often had people who weren't even 16 yet phoning to enquire about getting married as soon as they were 16- crazy!
After checking our I.D, said she would print out our notice, which would be displayed for 15 days in case of any objections (let's hope Ann Widdecombe doesn't see it then).
She then took ages printing the documents as she kept making little mistakes like capital letters where there should've been lower case, and by this time, as I have an awful cold, I was really struggling not to have a sneezing or coughing fit!
Finally, it was all printed, and after paying our £70 fee, we were all official! Very excited as all the legalities are now complete, and we only have the fun stuff left - 8 months and 18 days to go!


  1. Woohoo that's so exciting!! We're not wishing time away but BRING ON the wedding!! S&Lxo

  2. Exactly! WOOHOO! How exciting!

  3. Thanks for the reminder- we must get on and do this before our wedding in March! Well done, sounds exciting x


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