Monday, 24 December 2012

Building traditions

tra·di·tion [truh-dish-uh n]

1.the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs,information, etc., from generation to generation, especially byword of mouth or by practice.
2. something that is handed down.
3. a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting:
4. a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices.
5. a customary or characteristic method or manner.

When you build a new family, I believe one of the most exciting things is the formation of new traditions that happen as your experiences and beliefs start to unravel. Its almost like a blank slate just waiting to be filled with customs, traditions, and set ways of thinking. You often hear people remark that their christmas has been exactly the same ever since they can remember it, and even when building a new family these traditions become accepted as 'the way things are done' with their children, and so the traditions pass on.

Once we were settled in the home that we hope will be the home into which we bring children, raise them, watch them leave home and settle down to a life of tea and coronation street together (wait, that sounds like now!) for the rest of our lives, we were both keen to begin to build our traditions. Ours, as a new family. It's an amazing prospect, it is literally yours to run with. Want to make it tradition that the birthday girl only eats cake and ben & jerry's on her birthday? Sure! Want to make it so that every Valentines Day you stay up way too late and watch movies and eat popcorn? Why not!

Well actually, we don't do either of those things, at least not every year :) But I adore that for all of the birthdays that I can remember either of us having, we have eaten the same breakfast. Always with a cafetiere of good coffee, and so many kisses! I love that we always buy each other two birthday cards, because we can never decide on just one. I love that we decorate the house for Halloween, and that the Christmas tree has to be up by the absolute latest of the 1st December. We also celebrated Thanksgiving this year despite not being American.
Taking time to enjoy great food, great company, and acknowledging things in our life we are thankful for is a tradition we are keen to keep up.

I can't wait to watch our families grow, and then grow up together, whilst celebrating what we are thankful for each year. I love that we do Christmas 'our way' now, we cook the food that we love, we go for a long Christmas walk, we watch movies, we unwrap presents slowly throughout the day to enjoy and be grateful for each one, we drink a lot of Baileys coffees, and we spend a lot of time wrapped in each other's arms! Im sure it sounds like a lot of people's Christmas, but to us it's ours, and I couldn't change it for the world. 

Sometimes your stumble across traditions, because you look back and realise that actually, the same thing has happened for the past few years, and so you want it to continue. Every year just before Christmas we meet up for coffee, cake and exchanging presents with my cousins, my Mum and her twin sister. As we are all grown up now, our lives are busy and there are children to factor in, but I love that we all make the effort to get together, sit down, drink coffee and catch up.

It wasn't until my cousin text me to ask when it would be this year that I realised, we have done this every year for the past six, and so it becomes tradition! We will then all re-convene at my parents house for their infamous Boxing Day buffet, having spent Christmas separately with our partners / families. Another mince pie anyone?!

And then finally there are events that you do once and love so very much that you actively make into tradition. Last Wednesday we went out for Christmas dinner, to Browns, to eat and chat and laugh and drink cocktails and be so very happy in each other's company. Having been at work so much recently, we really feel like we are missing out on time together, and so this was a very much looked forward to date. It was so special! It was one of those nights where you really feel like the only two people in the whole world. The dinner was good, the cocktails were amazing, and my future wife looked so so beautiful. 

In the taxi on the way home, in a very merry state, we discussed how much we would love this to happen every year. There will always be so much going on before Christmas, and when we have children Christmas becomes mainly about them, so I look forward with happiness and excitement to having one night away from it all, a couple of days before Christmas, to step out of the madness, the shifts, the presents and the family commitments to have a night of just us, me and her, eating dinner together, laughing so much, talking the world to rights and falling in love a little bit more.

I wonder if we will look back in 50 years time and remember the beginnings of our traditions, I wonder how many will have dwindled along the way and how many new ones we will have created. One thing is for sure, I can't wait.

So today is Christmas Eve! Our absolute favourite day of the year. But this year L has to work on Christmas Day, we are celebrating today as though it's Christmas Day - we ate our "Christmas Day breakfast" with a Bailey's coffee, we watched a lovely Christmas film with snuggles, we are about to head out on a long walk with Willow, and come back to cook Christmas dinner. We wish all the people who take time to read our blog a very very Happy Christmas 2012, full of magical memory making time with family and loved ones.

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  1. What a lovely, lovely post! Really enjoyed reading that! Merry Christmas to you three xo


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