Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 - what's next?

We haven't written here since Christmas eve, but as I (S) am currently poorly with a chest infection, I have some free time in between sleeping!

Christmas Eve was lovely - we watched Miracle on 34th Street, went for a long walk with Willow, and cooked our Christmas dinner from scratch, as we do every year (though depending on L's work, we sometimes get to do this on actual Christmas Day!).

This year we included some American recipes learned from our friend Laura, so our dinner was: Food for Friends' feta, butternut squash & cashew nut wellington (we've had this 2 years in a row now as its amazing) seasoned roast potatoes, honey glazed parsnips, orange roasted carrots, candied yams, orange & cranberry stuffing and green bean casserole! We had this with champagne, although Willow wagged her tail too enthusiastically and smashed one of the glasses - we forgive her as its Christmas. We followed this (after a few hours to recover!) with christmas pudding (with a satsuma inside!) and brandy sauce. Yum! We are very much foodies, and I love spending hours cooking everything together, then sitting down together to a lovely meal.

Christmas morning we opened our presents together, with a Baileys coffee of course! We didn't buy lots of gifts this year, as we have a wedding to save for! I got L a kindle, as it was on offer, and some pretty new wellies for our puppy walks, and she got me a bracelet, an infinity knot ring, and a box of amazing pumpkin spice goodies from America.

Instead of getting gifts for our family, we gave homemade cookies and made a donation to Centre Point. At 1pm it was time for L to go to work, and I went to my parents house for another Christmas dinner! It was nice to spend some time with my parents, and I stayed over as they live near to my work, and I was working Boxing Day.

And now all of a sudden it is new years eve! We only had a quiet night planned, but it will be even quieter as I am ill.

So what will 2013 bring?

For L:
In 2013 I am determined to continue to lose weight, particularly for my wedding and then to be fitter and healthier when we think about creating a family. I really don't want to be stick thin (S has no interest in me being stick thin either, she would like me to add, and assures me if I am ever stick thin, she will run off with Helena Bonham Carter), but I would like to look my best in our wedding photographs. It also leads into my other goal of looking after myself more, and making sure I am taking care of my general health and wellbeing. Its easy when working so much not to take time to eat properly, take time off for yourself and enjoy the little things in life, but I definitely want to do all three this year. I am also lucky to have a job that I enjoy very very much. I have built a really lovely working relationship with my colleagues this year, probably helped by leaving, hating new job and coming back! I hope this year I can continue to be happy and settled in my place of work, and to enjoy the job that I do.

For S
I echo L's statement about health & wellbeing. I caught a cold about two weeks ago which had just about gone when I got really ill on Saturday night with a chest infection. I feel like I have spent most of the winter tired, stressed, or both, with very little time to look after myself. My job involves 3hrs a day of either waiting for, being on, or walking between public transport and I know this, especially in winter, combined with working with the public is a recipe for constant colds and viruses so I want to look after my health more. I want to be more organised, which will stop me getting so stressed too often. I also want to worry less about my job - its not a difficult job, and doesn't warrant me getting stressed! Finally I want to spend my free time better. If me and L have spare time together we spend it well - we are great at organising date nights our or at home, but if i have free time to myself I feel it could be spent more wisely. We have had so much fun, together, and with friends this year, and I hope this is the case even more so next year :)

For the blog
This has been our first year of having a blog. We have met some lovely people through it, and thanks to them we have experienced things we otherwise wouldn't have. As people who have not previously had much interaction with the LGB community, it is nice to find others with a common interest, not to mention some amazing friends :)
Truthfully, I am not the hugest fan of social media - neither of us ever had Myspace, and we were years behind everyone else with Facebook! We have begun to spend less time on sites such as Twitter, and have removed any Facebook friends who we do not enjoy interacting with - quality over quantity has been a statement we've found to be strongly true regarding friends this year, and we have continued this into social media, and will probably increasingly do so in 2013.
We have turned down opportunities that have arisen as a result of our blog as it's not something we are interested in, and we simply don't have the time. We both love writing, so enjoy writing occasional posts for other sites  but the posts on our blog in the new year will continue to be written to capture our memories. However if people enjoy reading our posts then we find that a huge compliment! Of course, as it is nearly exactly 6 months until our wedding, there will be more specific wedding updates on our planning journey, which we are very excited for!

For us
I'm sure you don't need reminding we have a wedding! The only part we have left of planning is to make our DIY projects - invitations, table plan etc, to organise our hair and make up, and for L to buy her dress! I have a dress fitting in February which i'm really excited for, especially as my dad hasn't seen my dress yet. In March we have our menu tasting, which we are both super excited for as we love food, but also a tiny bit nervous as we want a vegetarian menu, and hope our meat eating guests are happy with our final choices! In April we have L's 27th birthday, and we also have a hen party to plan! We also are looking forward to planning our trip to Mexico - we would like a nice mix of relaxing and sightseeing :) After the wedding, we have our 9 year anniversary in September, S's 29th in October, and planning for a trip to the USA in 2014. It will be nice to be able to relax and enjoy being wife and wife, and have more spare time and money.

We are both spending so much time at work at the moment, and its hard sometimes not to get tired and stressed out by this, but we are really proud of the lovely things that working so hard has got us. It's important for us to remember this, and not focus on the day to day issues, but see the bigger picture and be assured that we are working hard to create something amazing. L works particularly hard, and for this I am eternally proud and grateful of her. She is the strongest, most determined woman I have ever met, and if she wants something, she works hard until she gets it. She inspires me, and makes me believe that as long as we have each other, we can achieve anything we want.
Quote on our bedroom wall

Finally, I mentioned this in my bit, but we also want to use our free time better, spending more quality time with our family and good friends, and continuing to enjoy time we have together (more date nights?!).

Thank you so much to anyone who has told us they have learnt something from our blog, to all the people who's blogs we have learnt from, and to all the really genuinely lovely people we have met so far through it - heres to a fabulous 2013 for us all :)

However you are spending it, Happy New Year from us and Fairy Princess Willow ;)


  1. Hope you feel better soon hunnie. I have a chest infection too... It's driving me crazy....
    Such cute presents
    Love the quote on your bedroom wall too xxx

  2. Sending get well wishes your way S!!! So glad we all became friends through our blogs and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for all of us (& Willow and Bella) ;-) Hopefully one day we'll cross paths!


  3. Happy New Year to you two, too! I got sick over the holidays as well. Hope you heal quickly! Enjoy the last 6 months of planning for your wedding. It was truly the best time of our 2 year engagement. Cheers to you ladies!

  4. How did we miss this post? Loved it!! Very excited to see all of your 2013 wishes come true, and to be a part of them! (Especially the 'spend more time with friends' bit!!)

    Love you girls!


  5. My wife & I have the same quote on our bedroom wall.
    I've been a fan of this blog for a few months and only now getting round to reading it from the beginning and it's really nice to read things that I think as well. Its a shame I did not find this blog sooner but I am looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thankyou for your lovely comments Chloe, and thankyou for reading too :)
      S xx


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