Tuesday, 8 January 2013

6 months and counting

It seems over the last few months, with Christmas and new year, seeing family and friends who we rarely see, and focussing so much on work to get this budget nailed, the wedding itself has taken a back seat. But as we are now in to the new year, and what's more, THE year, my head is well and truly into wedding space. It really has become all I can think about!

The 4th Jan marked exactly six months to our Wedding Day, and there is something about hitting that milestone, along with it becoming 2013, that has made all of this seem a whole lot more real. My efforts in dieting have become more focused and solid as I am no longer hoping to shed a little excess baggage for some dream day in the distance but am now conscious of wanting to fit in to a dress of my dreams. And finding that dress will hopefully be a reality by the end of this month. The invitations have been a long, on-going process which has seen us pick up the card, scissors and double sided tape, make a couple and then give up in favour of a cup of tea and cuddle. But now they are ready, finished, sealed and waiting to be delivered. The 'six months to go' payments have been made, and emails sent to all our suppliers to confirm exactly when and where they need to see us again, and what decisions we need to have made by then. I (L) met with our wedding planner to discuss who will be needing which rooms in our venue, as all the rooms are slightly different and we needed to see who would suit the rooms best. We also talked menu tastings, possible order of the day, and numbers of guests. A few changes have had to be made to the guest list to ensure we are coming in on budget, and to have parity amongst groups of friends, and as usual our friends have been nothing short of lovely and understanding. This is all becoming very very real!

The next few months will, I have been assured by many people, disappear before us before we have time to catch our breath. But I am determined to capture and saviour each moment as much as I possibly can. I have no doubt that marrying this amazing, incredible girl who holds my heart and so much more will be the best day of my life. Ever. And we only get to do this once, so I want to enjoy every bit of it and not.get.stressed. I think we are managing quite well - apart from one afternoon when I told S I needed to lie down because the wedding stress was giving me a headache, to which she replied dont be so daft you're only choosing which colour sweets you want in the favour bags... We have managed to stay calm, happy and stress-free.

We have started to put plans in place for the hen do. I have appointments lined up for dress shopping. We have managed to pinpoint our dads and my brother to a date they can go get measured for their suits. We have appointments spread nicely over the next few months to trial hair and make up. We have appointments booked for menu tasting, flower choosing, cupcake making, dress fittings....

But through all the madness, through all the chaos and the endless emails and umpteen questions that guests and suppliers need us to answer, I just stop and look at that girl over there. That one who is my soulmate, my best friend and the most beautiful girl I ever saw. And I can't quite believe that this day is coming, the day I get to marry her and make all my wishes come true, it's actually happening!


  1. 6 months will go by so fast! It's all so exciting! I remember planning, taking a breather, and then 6 months popped up and time just seemed to speed up. Love reading your wedding posts! xox -S


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