Friday, 8 March 2013

Spring is in the air!

Days that me and L both have the day off work are very rare as everyone knows, so when they happen,  we like to remember them here. This isn't the kind of post we'd put a link for, as it really is just for us :)
The weather has been FREEZING lately, and I especially hate the cold, and unfortunately spend a lot of time outside due to spending 3hrs a day commuting!
So it was wonderful Saturday morning to wake up to beautiful spring sunshine.
Crocuses in our street - 1st sign of spring?
 We had already planned to visit our local farmers market, which rotates around three nearby villages. This week it was at Kings Heath, which we have been to once before, so we got ready and headed out.
Our first stall was Bake Birmingham, who we have chatted to briefly on Twitter, and seen many pictures of their amazing cakes on Instagram! Steve and his partner are a really nice couple, and wow - these boys can bake. We were strict and limited ourselves to three cakes - Pecan Bundt, Red Velvet Bundt and a Cherry Creme Brulee cupcake, although they are so big they can easily be shared.

 We noticed on Twitter shortly after that they had completely sold out half way through the markets opening hours!
We then wandered around the rest of the market after purchasing hot spiced apple juice, and bought vegetables to make soup, corn bread, peanut butter, vegetable samosas, and lots of cheeses including pesto cheese and ginger cheese.
We then wandered up to one of our favourite local cafes, Cherry Reds. Its usually very busy as there are only 6 or so tables, but we were lucky to get a nice spot, and had huge vegetarian breakfasts and tea - yummy! 
L looking forward to breakfast
We then made our way home and took Willow for a walk in the sunshine, before coming home, making soup whilst listening to Ellie Goulding, and eating some of the gorgeous cake! They were all amazing and when I've finished work and have Saturdays off, I'm going to find it hard not to go and buy cake every week!
Willow outside our house 
After the last of the beautiful sunshine had gone, we had a picnic of the yummy things we had bought from the market. It was all so yummy, and we love any excuse to use our super cool cheese board that our friends bought us for Christmas!
Samosas, cornbread and lots of cheese!
L was at work for the night shift, but we were very grateful to have such a lovely day together, and to have so much sunshine! It really makes working so hard worth it when we have days where we can appreciate things properly.
Sunset in our street
We also managed a few hours shopping in Birmingham recently - I bought my bridal hairband and L bought a cute Ted Baker bag and flip flops for our honeymoon.
We have also been talking to our wedding coordinaotor about our menu tasting which we are really excited for, plus we have our hen party in 56 days! 

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