Monday, 8 April 2013

27 is a GREAT age!

On Monday 1st April, I (L) turned 27. Yep, thats right, I'm an April Fool baby! Between us we always try and make a huge deal out of each other's birthdays - a great excuse to spoil the birthday girl and make up some time together that we are rarely getting at the moment. And this week turned out one of the best weeks I've ever had.

Let me preface this by saying I dont want to sound over the top or gushy in any way throughout this post, but we are SO incredibly lucky, and I am a million times more grateful, to have the life we do. We are so very lucky to be able to do such amazing things, and to do them with each other. S you are amazing, you take my breath away with how incredible you are, thank you for one of the best weeks of my life.

Monday morning was actually quite a strange day! Lovely, but as I kept telling S - it didnt feel like my birthday! The reason for this was that she was at work, as she needed days off later in the week, so much of the day was spent without her. I still had a nice day, with my parents and cousin, but it was strange not to be with my love. My parents and I went shopping and for some lunch, and I came home to cards and presents and a cooked breakfast (my favourite dinner ever!) and cuddles with my girl, but it was just an odd day!

Tuesday was also an odd day! Again, a lovely one, but still that birthday feeling evaded me. I saw a couple of friends for tea and cake, took Willow for a long walk and then dropped her off at my parents in preparation for our going away. Then we spent the evening packing for the adventure ahead.

Then the day I had been counting down to for months finally arrived - Wednesday! And this DID feel like my birthday! We packed up the car and headed off down the motorway en route to visit our friends. On the way we stopped off at Bicester Village for a spot of retail therapy with the money I had been given from my family for my birthday. When you're saving so hard for your dream wedding even a trip to Primark is out of the question, so to be able to treat myself to some new clothes, Ugg boots and a few other bits was brilliant! Then we carried on the drive down to London, and met our friends for dinner at a place I had said I wanted to go to for my birthday months and months ago - the Big Easy.

 My other favourite meal of all time is fajitas - so all you can eat fajitas, frozen margaritas and the best company I could ask for was an amazing way to spend my birthday evening! Followed brilliantly by a catch-up into the early hours and a wonderful Eton Mess inspired birthday cake, and some more lovely and very thoughful cards and presents. 

Thursday brought a nice sleepy lie in for me and the girl, and then a little bit more travelling southwards - this time our destination was Brighton. The place we got engaged and our forever happy place, I assumed we were going to Brighton just to spend a little bit of time just the two of us and remember just why we love the place so much. But as it turns out, on top of eating in our favourite ever restaurant, Food for Friends (I dare even the most hard-core carnivore not to fall in love with this veggie restaurant, it is incredible! Plus we went here the night we got engaged), S also managed to completely surprise me with a cupcake baking and decorating class at what will always be for me the original cupcakery in the UK.

Angel Food Bakery may not have been the first to open in the UK (I'm sure Hummingbird holds that title), but I think it's the cutest, quirkiest, best tasting and will always be my favourite. So for them to teach us exactly how they bake and ice their cakes, in preparation for us making our own for our wedding day, was amazing. It was so much fun, and S may have been the only person there never to have baked in her life (that's down to me in our relationship), but I think it's pretty safe to say ours were the best! It was great to learn how to make our wedding cakes properly, and we had so much fun at the same time!

After a night in an unusual but cute hotel on Brighton seafront, a gorgeous cooked breakfast and LOTS of cuddles, we headed back up to London. We wandered round the Lanes briefly but as the snow at the seaside, we left, it was far too cold! Although, being the cake fanatics we are, we had to go to amazing cake shop ChoccyWoccyDooDah - their gravity defying creations are amazing! Plus we had to meet back up with our friends mid-afternoon for the final surprise of my birthday (I know, how many surprises can one girl have?!). For this my instructions were to get us to London Bridge tube station, and to have my phone fully charged for picture taking.

I may be naive but I had NO idea what was coming! Even standing outside of the Shard I still asked S what we were doing! As we entered the lifts that rocket you to floor 72 so fast your ears pop I still didnt really know what to expect -  but as we stepped out of the lift the view that greets you is absolutely out of this world. 1,016 feet above ground level you can see as far as the eye will go, over one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Imagine this, and then imagine a jaw-dropping sunset timed perfectly by S that turns into a view of London lit up at night, and being there with the love of your life, and you may be imagining how I felt.

I was utterly speechless, and the next hour spent trying to capture the beauty in pictures and trying to memorise how gorgeous it was, was literally one of the best moments of my life. Thank you thank you thank you!

After we returned back to earth (!) we went for food at Mother Mash, then went and got some sleep in preparation for Saturday morning...
a mass public pillow fight in Trafalgar Square!
It was bizarre, crazy and so much fun to be in the middle of a huge crowd of people having a pillow fight in the middle of Trafalgar Square, amongst a cloud of feathers and bemused onlookers!

Thank you to my amazing lady - for the good food, so many hours of laughter, the cupcake class, the breatktaking view of Londons lights and sunset, the pillow fight, and for the very best company a girl could wish for. If 27 continues to be this incredible then I think I'm going to love every second of it! 


  1. Glad we could help celebrate your birthday lovely! It was like being on holiday :) We're sure this will be your best year yet and what better way to kick start it than the highest point in Europe! Love you love from S&L xoxo

  2. Hope you had a great birthday, looks like it! Those cupcakes look amazing, I'm going to look into their classes x


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