Sunday, 21 April 2013

Eleven weeks to go...

Or more accurately, ten weeks and four days!

However on Thursday, it was exactly eleven weeks to go, and we spent the day checking lots of things off our list. We have discovered that the thing with wedding planning is at the start you have a long list of big things to do, and the closer you get to the big day the more this list turns in to a truly enormous list of little things!

On Thursday morning, L went with her dad and her brother to get them measured up for suits. She has always been adamant that the men of the bridal party (so our Dad's and brothers) will be dressed in morning suits, being the traditional dress of choice in the UK for the 'important' men on the day. Obviously there are is a distinct lack of a groom on our big day, but nevertheless L has often told me how excited she is to see the two important men in her life dressed in all their finery on her wedding day. I think her brother is excited too - having told their Mum she was not welcome at the fitting as he wanted the first time she sees him in a morning suit to be on L's wedding day, so sweet!

The colours of the men's suits and cravats.
We spent the rest of the day ticking off a few of the 'little' jobs on our list - making phone calls, printing a copy of our readings and vows to send to the Registrar, writing a table plan etc, but on the evening we were so excited to have an excuse to return to our venue! The purpose was to choose the food we will be served at our wedding breakfast (called wedding 'breakfast' as it it your first meal as a married couple, but it is actually the sit-down meal served after the ceremony for lunch or dinner). As true foodies, the food has always been an important part of our day, so we have been looking forward to this day for quite some time.

As we pulled into the long drive coming up to our venue, we both go really excited - we get butterflies every time we come here!

We met L's mum there, who had come along to offer the perspective of a meat eater! We have both been vegetarian since we were very young, so it was important to us not to have meat served at our wedding, but it was also important to us to serve a meal that everyone would like.

The menu tasting consisted of us being served two different starters, three mains, and three deserts, which we had pre-chosen with our wedding coordinator in liaison with the chef. We were really impressed that he was happy to create a vegetarian menu for us; a menu which was well thought out, incredibly well put together and meant we had the chance to have our input - which turned out better than if we were meat eaters and would've just chosen from their standard menu.
The menu tasting also gave us a chance to experience the level of service we could expect from our venue's staff - which was flawless, and gave us great confidence that our wedding will be in very good hands. Luckily, L, her mum, and I all agreed on the same starter, main and desert, but it was so much fun passing the gorgeous dishes around, trying everything and discussing each course!

Relaxing with a coffee after all the yummy food!
The venue itself seems more wonderful every time we go, and although its an odd thing to say, our venue perfectly encapsulates us. If we were a wedding venue, we would be this one! I've never been anywhere that is so 'us', and it's an amazing feeling to know we will become wife and wife in a place we feel so happy in.

We had a wonderful night, chatting, laughing, watching the sun go down behind the silhouetted trees, and discussing just how excited we all are for the big day. It was a night we will remember forever! Finally, I got to see the room my mum and I will spend the night in before the wedding day. Sticking to tradition, we will spend the night before the wedding separately, and as we have a fairly early wedding, we both wanted to stay at our venue, with the other important women in our life. L and her Mum had picked the rooms for us to stay in, I couldn't make it as the appointment was when I was unable to get out of a work meeting, but luckily I could see why she had chosen this room for me - it's beautiful.

So the next ten weeks will be pretty intense, as the pace gathers and we quickly head towards the day we have been dreaming of for so long. I'm not exactly sure where all of the time has gone, but this suddenly feels very, very real, and VERY close! And week by week we have a list of tasks that need to be completed - this week, I need to get my Dad and brother fitted for their suits, we need to finish off the Order of the Day printing, book Willow in to the kennels for the night of the wedding (we did consider having our baby there but she'd obviously be the centre of attention!), and begin to think about what we need for our honeymoon. And in a week and 5 days we have our hen party!

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