Wednesday, 1 May 2013

10 weeks to go...

In these last 12 weeks, we were aiming to do a post a week so that we had weekly records to look back on. We're sort of managing that -  our eleven week post was actually a 'ten week and four day' post, and although today is nine weeks and a day to go, this is what we did in our 'ten weeks to go' week :

On Thursday we went into Birmingham city centre and did some honeymoon shopping! We picked up a giant bright pink suitcase, bikinis and lots of sunscreen. Whilst we're most excited about being married (obviously!) we find we go through phases of being more excited about either our wedding day or our honeymoon, and that day it was our honeymoon!
When we got home, I had an appointment with a hairdresser, Julia, who will be styling my hair on the morning of our wedding day. One major good point was Julia was really lovely, and chatted with me and L lots -  a definite plus as she'll be spending a good proportion of the wedding morning with me!
I had saved a few pictures to show her, and described what I wanted and didn't want, and was really pleased with the end result. I was really glad I had a trial, as it meant I could realise little tweaks that needed to be made, and how my hair accessory would work etc. L took lots of pictures for me that I could look back on! I only ever have my hair down and straight, so seeing it curly was unusual for me! I did however keep the curls in until the following evening, and curly hair feels much more 'bridal'.
Curly vs straight!
On Saturday I went into the city centre with my dad and brother so that they could be measured for their suits. My brother and I recently made up after not speaking for three years, so it was the first time he had been to our house, and met Willow! It was quite odd, and we still definitely have an awkwardness that two people who don't really know each other that well have. I'm really glad that we are now talking and that he will be at the wedding - he asked a few questions about the wedding, and seemed really interested in the day, and him being a part of it.  Despite me not being as originally excited about the men's suits (they aren't pretty or sparkly!) it was nice to see my dad and brother dressed up smartly, and it was a reminder of the formality and inclusion of family in our big day.

We also submitted our forms to the registry office who will perform our ceremony. This details everything about your ceremony, from your vows, bridesmaids/ushers/best man or woman etc, who will walk you down the aisle, music you have, if you will exchange rings, and rather humorously in my opinion - whether you wish to be invited 'to embrace/kiss your partner'! Romantic!
We listed everything, and included our vows, and the three readings that we have chosen (two to be read by close friends and one to be read by the registrar).
Luckily, we quickly heard back from them confirming that our choices were fine, except for one as it contains the words 'I do'. I don't really agree that 'I do' is of religious content, and even more bizarre, the alternative words that the registry office suggested was a form of the reading that included the words 'marriage' and 'wife'. Surely they are more religious than 'I do'?! So strange!

Our next post will be recording our '9 weeks to go week' and Saturday is our official two month mark. But, before then, we have our hen (bachelorette?!) party, which we are so excited for!


  1. The curls are gorgeous....
    We are you going on your honeymoon ? Xx

  2. Thankyou ladies :) We're going to Riviera Maya in Mexico, very excited :)
    S xx

  3. Ah fabulous... We have been there...we stayed at Dreams in Tullum... It is so so beautiful....
    You will love it.... I keep wanting to go back...
    If you get chance take the trip to chichinitza ... Erm however you spell it lol ... Xx

  4. Oh and take a trip to Islas Mujeres to swim with the dolphins.... Xx

  5. The curls look stunning on you! Ekk so excited for your wedding!! And Mexico sounds amazing!

  6. Thankyou ladies! And Kiki & Lala, Chichen Itza is definitely on our must-do list :)
    S xx


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