Sunday, 26 May 2013

6 Weeks to go...our venue meeting

Its getting closer! I can't quite believe I am writing this - it's 6 weeks now (5wks 3 days to be exact!) until I promise to my amazing, beautiful S that I will spend the rest of my life with her.
Thursdays are a great day, and as our life is decidedly hard work right now, a Thursday is often the day that keeps me going. Thursdays mark the turn of the week, the exact number of weeks on our countdown.
In addition, Thursday is often my night off, and at the moment I only get one of those a week!
Therefore, for the past few weeks, Thursdays have been the day we fill up with all things wedding related, often followed by a nice meal at home, lots of cuddles and an early night!

This Thursday we had our final meeting with our wedding coordinator at our venue.
We had been looking forward to this meeting for quite a while, as it was our chance to finalise all of the plans we had talked about, dreamt about, put into place, and to ensure our venue know exactly the day we are dreaming of.

During the meeting we ran through the day from start to finish - beginning with the night before, when we will both stay at our venue, but in separate rooms, with our mums.
We talked about plans we have made for decorating the venue, flowers, favours, music, finishing touches. We talked about the logistics of us walking down the aisle, our bridesmaids, and significant members of the bridal party. We talked about drinks receptions, menu choices and who will give speeches. And finally the evening - the guests, the drinks, the food, the music and the cake.
After so many plans, questions, choice and uncertainties regarding our guest list, it was exciting and a relief to see everything confirmed, and set in stone!

Waiting for our meeting :)

As we were talking, I couldn't help but keep glancing over to my beautiful wife to be, the way she talked with a huge smile on my face and her eyes sparkling with love and excitement. As she talked about our day, in the venue that will see us say our vows and promises, I could really envisage it all happening, and I was so overwhelmed with love, and desire for it to be happening right now.
Hurry up six weeks, how can two years go so quickly and yet these last few weeks are going so slowly?!

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