Monday, 20 May 2013

7 weeks to go - bits and bobs

This week has been uneventful in some respects, as L has been working incredibly long hours again, and so I have been at home, mainly sorting out the last few bits and bobs, finalising plans and finishing our stationary. We wanted to write all of the little things down, as they are as important as the big things, and so that we can look back and remember how we spent the week, with seven weeks to go to our big day.

*Last Friday we went to see our florist for our pre-wedding meeting. We ran through the plans we had made when we last saw her, and confirmed that not much had changed! She commented on how calm we are, with so little to go to the wedding, she said she often has brides emailing her three or four times a week with things that have changed or new ideas they have had. However she did say that a calmness like we have shows that we are confident in our choices, and we feel that we definately are. From the beginning we have had a clear idea of how we see our day, and the flowers we have chosen fit in with this perfectly. Neither of us could really understand why anyone should be any different?! However it was nice to be reminded of our choices, and see our flowers, displays and delivery/collection arrangements confirmed

*I have finished off the Order of the Days, made the table plan after last week's dramas rendered ours useless, and put the finishing few bits together for the favours. It's amazing to look at all of the hand-made stationary and know we have created it all.

*We finalised the readings with the registrar. They weren't happy with one of our original choices as it contained the words "I do" - which they said is reference to a religious ceremony. We found it very strange that the alternative that they sent us has the words wife, and marriage, but nevertheless we have changed our reading to omit the words and replace them with acceptable ones.

*L and her Mum had a very quick run through of her wedding hair, but post-nights a bleary-eyed L wasn't really too interested! So they have re-scheduled for a couple of weeks time, to do the whole thing properly. The good thing about having your Mum do your hair is she is very patient and understanding of a very tired L!

*Not quite wedding related but I start driving lessons tomorrow. I'm nervous but mainly excited, having had a few lessons about 10 years ago which didn't really go very well (the instructor actually said I was the worst student she had ever had. Quite an achievement!) We bought a groupon deal for a block of lessons quite a while ago, and if I put it off any longer the deal will expire, so I have had to take the plunge. Wish me luck!

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