Tuesday, 18 June 2013

3 weeks to go... make up, money and memories

This week was our 'three weeks to go mark'! For L it has started to feel very real that we are getting married very soon! Particularly as we, and those around us, have started saying "it's two weeks to go on Thursday"! For me (S) , it still doesn't quite seem real...the sheer huge amount of tiny details that present themselves after the large decisions have been made seem almost overwhelming, and the fact we're getting married in 16 days seems very surreal.

This weeks planning involved our make up lessons at Mac, as we are doing our own makeup on the day. We decided on this for a few reasons:

1. It is cost effective - although good quality make up is expensive and is not much difference to the cost of a make up artist, you keep the makeup, and acquire the skills of how to apply make up properly when doing it yourself.
2. I have had my makeup done by Chanel, Dior, Clinique, Clarins and Lancome and have never liked the results - everyone puts their makeup on differently, and although we wanted to know which products to use and how to use them correctly, we want to look like ourselves on our wedding day!
3.Doing our make up ourselves will give us something to focus on, and hopefully take our mind off any nerves!

I had my lesson first, while L was asleep from a night shift. Out of the two of us, I'm the one who wears makeup more, and needed the least reassurance, so felt fine about going alone!
The lesson lasts an hour and a half, with a Mac make up artist. She began by talking me through what kind of look I wanted, makeup I usually wear, and any problems I wanted to correct. I generally wanted something similar to the makeup I wear every day, but a bit better! The artist applies a product on one half of your face, and you copy this on the other side, corrected by the make up artist if necessary. I enjoyed being shown excactly where to put different products, and what colours suited me, although I did have the usual problem of the make up artist laying on products a little heavy! I also felt the lipcolour was too dark, and went back (to a different store!) and purchased a much more natural one.
At the end of the lesson I expected the make up artist to be quite pushy about selling me lots of products - they begin by using Mac wipes and moisturiser, use Mac brushes, and seemingly hundreds of different products and I fully expected the hard sell. However this wasn't the case - you are given a face chart listing the products and brushes, and I was asked to pick any products I wanted to take with me.

The table set up for my lesson, and some of Mac's many eye colours!
L's lesson was today, and as she has less confidence about make up, I went along with her. As a super girly teenager I always wore make up, more so when I began working in retail and fashion - L's job as a midwife means makeup is never something she has chance to wear much!
She had previously visited Estee Lauders counter, as we heard good things from bridal magazines about their foundation, so L purchased it then - even if the make up artist completely did not get we were getting married, after L chatting to her about our wedding she asked if we were best friends getting married on the same day!
I was more impressed with L's Mac make up artist than mine - she was more open to L's suggestions, and was generally friendlier and more excited about helping L achieve what she wanted.
As L is not used to applying makeup, the artist made sure that she knew how to apply everything, a skill we both found really helpful. Its also useful having someone advise what colours to use - the artist selected a blusher that looked almost orange in the compact but on L's skin was a pretty, subtle peach - we never would have picked that ourselves, and we noticed how a lot of the products looked completely different on our skin than in the packaging.
L wanted something very subtle and pretty, and the artist definitely created this - she looked gorgeous!

Again, there was no hard sell, and the trick with make up lessons is definitely to carefully pick what you buy - if you bought everything they used you would need to spend hundreds of pounds. We picked a few products from our lessons, combined with cheaper high street products, and items that we already had at home.

Also this week, we have finalised lists (we have lists of lists!) of what we need to pack for the night before the wedding, our mini-moon to Brighton, our airport stopover at Gatwick, and our honeymoon. We are both lovers of organising and planning, so even spending an afternoon writing lists and gathering organised piles was very exciting! Having the playlist we have compiled for our wedding breakfast playing in the background meant it seemed all the more exciting and romantic. We also ran through all of our to-do list, and surprised ourselves at how much is ticked off already. Apart from ordering honeymoon spending currency, finishing off a few thankyou gifts and ordering the last few bits and bobs off the net, we are pretty much ready for the big day.

Talking of honeymoon spending money, L has had a terrimundi money pot which has sat on our windowsill in various bedrooms we have lived in - at her parents, in our lovely flat in Leeds, back to her parents, and then settled in the spare room in our home. For the past 8 years she has used it as an old change pot, putting in bits of change here and there, and then when we got engaged she decided it would go towards our honeymoon. The tradition says you make a wish and put it inside the pot with the first coin, and then keep filling the pot until it's full, upon which you smash it, spend the contents on 'good things' and the wish comes true. Neither of us had any recollection that the pot came with a wish card, on which, unknown to me, L had written her wish, back in 2005, and made me quite emotional to read eight years later. I am very pleased to say that her wish came true, and her 'good things' is our honeymoon, quite fitting to the wish that she had made - don't you agree?

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  1. Aw I love the wish, it's so cute! So fitting that it gets smashed open right before your wedding! I had one of these (though it was a tin that you opened with a tin opener) that I used to save change for travelling. The week before my departure flight I opened it up to find I had £502.99! (I had been stuffing notes in there too) I don't know why I always remember that figure!!


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