Tuesday, 4 June 2013

5 weeks to go...

This post is a little late, as last Thursday was five weeks to go! Today is actually exactly a month to go, and everything feels very close. This week we have:

Taken our engagement rings to be redipped. We went back to the store in the Jewellery Quarter where we originally chosen our rings, and had them redipped in rhodium. We were delighted with them when we went to pick them up - they look brand new! The jeweller also engraved the date of our wedding onto the inside of our wedding bands.

L had her dress fitting. It was really lovely to see her so excited when she came home, and said how much better her dress fits after her recent weight loss, and even more so to hear how much she loves her dress. I'm really proud of her for fitting into the size of dress she vowed to be when we got engaged. Although I've thought she is beautiful at every size she has been, its really important to me that she also feels happy and proud of her self - especially on our wedding day.
I can't wait to see her in her dress!
So lucky to have this beautiful lady as my bride!
As are doing our own makeup on our wedding day, we went into Birmingham and L purchased new foundation from Estee Lauder. Whilst the make up artist showed her how to correctly apply it, I went shopping, with plans to meet up later. Although the makeup artist was lovely, despite L telling I was her bride, that 'we' were getting married, and chatted to her throughout having the foundation applied about our dresses etc, towards the end, the lady asked "so are you best friends getting married on the same day?" Umm, yes, to each other!
We also booked a make up lesson each at Mac, as we both love their makeup and have heard good things about their lessons from friends who have done their own bridal makeup.

Again, although we told the make up artist when we were making our bookings that 'we' were getting married and when, she still asked me for my 'friends' name when I was paying. Annoying! Our lessons are next week, and we are looking forward to seeing the results.

Other than wedding organising, I have had three driving lessons so far, and am actually starting to enjoy them! I have so far learnt how to move off, change gears, pull out at junctions, park at the curb, and do three point turns. I'm really excited for the time I'll be able to drive me and L places!

Lastly, we are so glad the sun has been out in the UK this week! Although we only get one day off a week together, its great when that day is spent out in the sunshine.


  1. One month! Congratulations! We are getting super close to under a hundred days. ( I have no idea what to do about make up!) We have experienced almost this exact thing... we were shopping for engagement rings at a jeweler nearby. We were talking to the sales lady about how we were getting married and wanted to pick out a ring and thought we were pretty clear about it... but at the end of the conversation, after chatting it up about the wedding and trying on rings, she says... There is a really great sale on saturday, so don't buy anything now, bring your fiances back and you'll get a better deal, umm, we didn't go back, decided to go custom instead! I guess they just hear to many stories that they don't actually listen after a while...

  2. Ahh, congratulations, I remember our hundred day countdown - it's gone so fast! It's annoying but understandable when people assume we're friends, but when it's actually pointed out that we are a gay couple and they still refer to us as friends it's a lot more frustrating!
    S xx


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