Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Boxing Day buffet..

And so the calm continues. Perhaps it's the calm before the storm, and maybe the next few days will be a bit mental in making sure everything is ready, but somehow I don't believe this will be the case. This weekend has been a chance for us to catch up with people who wanted to see us before the big day itself;  Sarah met up for coffee with one of her friends yesterday whilst I went over to see my parents and bridesmaid. And then tomorrow we have a final coffee - date with a mutual friend, one who is reading at our wedding ceremony. It's in moments like a wedding who you really find out who wants to make an effort to see you and enjoy the pre-wedding celebrations, and who doesnt! Excluding friends and family who live far away, there are consistently a few people in our life who make such an effort for us, who treat us like we are family and who really want to be a part of our big day. This quote really does spring to mind...

So yesterday we got up and went off our seperate ways. It makes me laugh how much of a child Willow is to us, as if she is able to go with one of her mummies when they go out, she does. Yesterday she accompanied me to Worcester! We were headed to Worcester for one specific reason - scotch eggs! See my parents are planning a Boxing Day buffet on Tuesday. You may wonder why a Boxing Day buffet when it's clearly not Boxing Day but whenever there is a big celebration in my family it is always celebrated with a buffet put on by my parents, at their house, and their most famous buffet of all is the Boxing Day buffet, which obviously happens annually (on the day after Christmas Day for our non-UK readers). My Dad proclaims each year that it is his favourite meal of the year, cold meats (or veggie alternatives for us!), cheese of every description, pickles, breads, the family grows so does the buffet. My Dad loves it so much we had a Boxing Day buffet for his 50th birthday a few years back (which is in April!). So I was delighted when my parents said they wanted to do a buffet for our wedding celebrations, and could they do this the night before our wedding, as by then everybody will have travelled up / down / flown in to be here for it, and it'd be a great chance for everyone to see people they haven't seen for a while before the wedding itself. The only slight alteration I made was to move it to Tuesday, as the night before I imagine we'd be too nervous to eat, or to speak to anyone!

As we get older, my siblings and I try and bring unusual offerings to the buffets - from my brother it is always something with chilli, the hotter the better in his opinion, anything from cheese to jam to chocolate! My cousins are more traditional and often bring freshly baked breads or cakes, and my efforts are usually something along the lines of "the veggie alternative is just as good, if not better". And this is where the Homemade Scotch Egg Company come in. Having seen them at a local farmers market, they have embraced the fairly new trend of offering one product, many ways, and doing that one product very very well. Their many vegetarian scotch eggs, made with any combination of beans, carrots, potatos, seeds, cheese and soya are absolutely amazing! And so this year Sarah and I will contribute 3 vegetarian scotch eggs, one eggless imposter made with smoked salmon, and three meat ones, including one made with scotch bonnet chilli, for my brother!
Worcester is such a cute little place!

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