Sunday, 23 June 2013

A week and something

The fact we can now say "a week and x days to go" is crazy! I couldn't sleep last night, partly due to the awful humid weather we are having at the moment (that makes my hair resemble Monica from Friends in the Carribean) and partly due to the excitement of how close our wedding is!
This week we had a practice of making our wedding cakes. We wore our official baking uniforms of pyjamas and aprons - L's apron is an Emma Bridgewater 'Love' one I got her for Christmas, and mine is a red Choccywoccydoodah one I got from the Brighton store. It's kids sized as the adult ones were too long for me, the shame.

 Next we looked through our favourite baking books from Hummingbird Bakery, and got to work preparing the cake mix in our lovely pink mixer! We probably ate more mix than we baked, but thats the best part right?!

After the cakes had been cooled (on our 'pie shelf' in our kitchen, as christened by one of our best friends Laura!) we decorated them, and tried one or three, with L taking the rest to work.
We love cake, and our wedding will have a traditional wedding cake, our cupcakes, plus cake pops made by my friend Reena who is an ex colleague. It gave me a reason to have a catch up with Reena, and it was so lovely to talk to her again! I can't wait to see all my old work friends at the wedding, and after our honeymoon I want to make more of an effort to arrange meet ups with them.

I also had my final dress fitting! As my parents were working, L drove me to the store then waited in a nearby cafe. Everytime I go to see my dress I panic all the way there that I will have changed my mind about the dress and not like it anymore. Luckily, every time I put it on, I love it even more!
Today the seamstress had pinned the dress to the exact length, and got me to practise walking in it wearing my wedding shoes to check everything was ok. Even though the room was boiling hot due to the humid weather, I loved trying my dress on again! I go to collect it next Friday morning when it will have had all the alterations done - so exciting! I also loved how the fitting room is pink and silver, our wedding colours!

Our dad's also had a meet up at a local pub this week. They have probably met each other briefly twice - once when L and I first went abroad together in 2005, and to see our wedding venue a few months ago, so it was lovely they got to meet without us there!

L has very very nearly finished work for the wedding / honeymoon, she will have a total of 4 weeks off, with annual leave and days off tagged either side. After working 6 nights a week since January it's lovely that we can now enjoy full days off together. For her, the wedding started to become very real as we entered this week, as she had her final hair practice with her Mum, and they both tell me they are extremely happy with how it will look on the day.

Practicing the curls

She also had a meet-up with her bridesmaid, with cake and coffee, of course, to run through all the details of the day. Starting with writing an itinery of the morning, right up to the things L wants her bridesmaid to be responsible for on the day - mainly, making sure people talk to other people they might not already know, and making sure the guest book is signed. It is lovely to see the excitement amongst our family grow as much as it is growing for us!

With family in mind, L's Dad booked for us all to go out for a meal last night, as he wanted the chance to spend a night celebrating his eldest child's forthcoming marriage with our immediate family. So along with L's parents, brother, cousin (bridesmaid) and her boyfriend, we had a wonderful night laughing, chatting and eating nice Chinese food. Her parents have always had the belief that a good marriage has a good family around them, and so it was lovely for us to really feel that I am being going to be a part of a new family, one that love and support us both. Some of my family haven't exactly made much effort - not because I'm marrying a girl (well, apart from two of them), simply out of lack of interest, and not many of them are coming to the wedding, so it's been so lovely for me to be surrounded by the people who will make my new family, and who are so excited for our special day.

Today we tied up lots of loose ends, such as re-doing our table plan, practising cake making etc. Now all the little jobs are being completed, it seems a lot more real to me - and with only ten days to go tomorrow, its too close not to be excited!

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  1. YUM why did we not come up this weekend to eat all the cupcakes!? xxx


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