Tuesday, 11 June 2013

It's true...

...everything really does happen for a reason.
I guess the fact L and I got together when we were 18 and 19 means a lot of the lessons that we learn as we grow up, we learnt together. One lesson I'm truly grateful for, is to not panic when things go wrong, or more accurately, when things don't go as planned. Instead, we have learnt to explore the options, and work out how the make the best of a bad, or unexpected, situation.

Yesterday we had a voice mail from our travel agent whom we have booked our honeymoon with, to tell us very matter of factly that our honeymoon flights had been cancelled, and to contact them.
Upon contacting them, we were informed that our flights would be rescheduled for the next day, meaning we would lose a day of our honeymoon. We were reimbursed for this day, and after some 'assertiveness' from L, they also refunded £50 out of good will.

A day might not sound like much, but we were really looking forward to how we had planned it - the morning after our wedding we would drive to Gatwick airport, stay in the airport hotel, and fly out to Mexico the next morning. We didn't really want to have to come back home to 'reality', including washing the dishes and cooking dinner, when we wanted to continue the celebration of our wedding seamlessly into our honeymoon. However, we decided to see the bright side!
Our first thought was just stay two nights in the airport hotel instead of one, meaning we would still drive down to Gatwick the morning after our wedding. We figured that if we did that, we could maybe go into London and go shopping.
We then realised that we could make that extra day really fun - after all, its part of our honeymoon! L pointed out that Gatwick isn't that far from one of our favourite places in the world...


Full of quirkiness, seaside charm and vegetarians ( ! ) we joke that Brighton is our spiritual home! We have been there three times, once for a weekend a few years ago, for our engagement in 2011 that cemented its status as a very special place to us, and earlier this year for L's birthday when we had a baking class to learn how to make our wedding cakes.
So our new plan is to drive to Brighton from our wedding venue the morning after our wedding, spend the day in Brighton and stay over in a nice hotel room, and after a bit more enjoying Brighton the next day, drive to our Gatwick airport hotel ready for our flight Sunday morning.

We are so excited that we not only get a honeymoon, but also a 'mini-moon', and get to visit a place we love so much. So things really do happen for a reason!

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