Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dreams, Memories, Pictures

As we arrived back from honeymooning yesterday, the piles of washing are slowly being plowed through and the streams of photos are started to be collated and sorted, and I keep sitting down to write a blog post about our wedding day. The problem is, I just can't find the words. There will never be any words to describe just how incredible our wedding day was, far more amazing than either of us let ourselves dare to dream it would be. The emotions, the words that were spoken, that moment that we saw each other for the first time, how it felt to dance together as Mrs & Mrs, and then with our Dads as they cried to give us away, how it felt to look around and be surrounded by people who had travelled far, long and wide to be with us, and the depth and strength of love that surrounded us on that day, not only for each other, but for all those who were there with us. It was the day of our dreams, it went far and beyond anything we imagined it to be, and at midnight we really didn't want it to end.

Maybe we will find the words to describe the day, I hope so as I want every little detail written down, I don't ever want to forget a thing. I keep saying to S that as sad we are that it's gone, our wedding day now exists in a perfect impermeable box, surrounded by love and containing all of the incredible memories that were made that day. But I want to write them down so that as over time our memories wane and fade, the details are all etched somewhere, never ever to be forgotten, the day our dreams came true; the day I married the love of my life. 

So, for now, here are a few pictures, as they say pictures speak a thousand words. These aren't professional photos, we won't have those for a while. But we were lucky to have our day captured through the eyes of our families and friends too, they way they saw it, and we think they did an incredible job!

S's dress

L's dad sees her in her dress for the first time

Signing the register

Leaving the ceremony room as wife and wife

Champagne with our guests after the ceremony

Us, bridesmaids and brothers

Us with L's parents

S and her parents

We love L's brother
Mrs & Mrs
Our wedding guests
My tears starting at L's speech!
Us as the sun sets
Cutting the cake
Our first dance


  1. Beautiful! I am so happy for you two. Those photos are gorgeous. Now I am in serving freak-out mode!

  2. Congratulations y'all! You both looked so gorgeous.

  3. Congrats ladies. Wishing you a happy life.

  4. It all looks so beautiful and such a special day. I'm glad its everything you wished for x

  5. Mermaid wedding dress for outdoor wedding photos shooting is so glamorous. They are pretty stunning under the sunshine.


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