Monday, 1 July 2013

The craziest week of our lives...

At 11:42 last night we were sat on our sofa, in our home, with our little baby doggy in between us and I looked over at S and said "in 8 minutes time it'll be officially Monday, and that marks the beginning of the craziest week of our lives". This week we started off in our bed, and by the end of the week we will have slept in 5 different beds, in four different cities in two different countries. We'll also start it as single women and end it as wife and wife!

The tides have now changed, and we have moved into the craziness that I was imagining, which isn't surprising with three days to go to our wedding day! Yesterday was a busy haze of washing, wearing in shoes, shopping for things that needed to be bought at the last minute, and beginning the process of making sure everything is ready to drop off to the venue on Wednesday. It is at times like this that you realise you may have to provide menus on the tables, so that the guests aren't in complete surprise when the wedding breakfast is served to them, so we spent the latter part of the evening designing, printing and cutting out menus!

Our big task for yesterday was to make the frosting for the cupcakes that we will make on Tuesday and will serve on the evening at the reception. We have a formal tiered wedding cake too, which is being organised by my bridesmaid but we wanted to contribute ourselves too. Altogether there will be 8 different types of cake. This wedding definitely encapsulates us and all our loves! So with our trusty baking uniforms of pyjamas and aprons, we began.

A couple of hours and 7 batches of frosting later we now are the proud parents of 4 different flavoured and coloured frostings! We had to make 7 batches in total as the pink colouring began to split away from the butter and icing sugar, giving a weird mottled appearance. S said it looked like the frosting was bleeding, so not exactly the look we were going for! So with a different colouring we managed to achieve what we set out for. Ta-dah!

Today brought the start of "wedding week"! Willow and I had a date for a walk round the local park and a cuppa at the tea rooms with my lovely friend Harriet this morning, leaving S behind to begin today's list of jobs, with the main focus for today to be to pack. A minor military operation has been employed as we have sorted out, washed, folded and packed everything we need for the wedding, the mini-moon to Brighton, staying in a hotel at the airport, and then our honeymoon! Even for two girls who thoroughly relish the chance to be organised and plan plan plan this has taken some doing today. But alas, we are almost done. No longer does the upstairs of our house resemble a wedding that has vomited all over a jumble sale, we now have everything packed in to bags, boxes and suitcases. It looks instead like we are moving a house, or mobilising an army!

This evening we have decided we are very much in need of some time to chill out, but sadly we are unable to employ our usual tactic of a bottle of wine and an indian takeaway to go alongside our Coronation Street and 90210 viewing - we are now about to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate. Oh what the world is coming to!

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