Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The day before....

Oh my goodness me it’s nearly here!! Can you believe it?! We can’t! Well, S did have a moment yesterday when the enormity of it hit her and she had to sit down with a cup of tea for half an hour and get over all of the emotion! 

Yesterday was an incredible day. For me it signalled the beginning of our wedding celebrations. We spent the day baking our wedding cupcakes - four different flavours - and then icing and decorating them. There was a moment where I was sat on the floor with Willow and looked over to S, concentrating on icing a cake, and my heart just melted. Our perfect little family, right there and then, it was one of those moments when you realise “this is all I’ve ever wanted, my dreams have come true”. I love that those moments can sneak up on me when we are just in our PJs, baking cakes, and doesn't involve any incredible story or impressive tale. For me, she and I will always be the incredible story, our love story is my favourite of all!

Last night was the big Boxing Day buffet at my parent’s house. Amazing. Parents, siblings, cousins, aunties, children - all of our closest family were there to celebrate, drink pink wine, eat veggie buffet food, and talk about how excited they are about our big day. My Dad, my silly, sarcastic, wonderful and secretly very sensitive Dad, proposed a toast that had us all in tears - god help us on the day! My brother told us how proud he is of us, and of the fact we can get married, and how from the day I came out to him he never thought he’d see the day. My aunties, kind gentle wonderful Aunties, telling S how she had been their niece since the first day she met them, but now it was becoming official. My Dad gave S a card with the lyrics to “I loved her first” written inside, telling her to look after his little girl. And then joked she had to have me now, he’s paid her a fiver! It was last night that cemented it for us, behind a good marriage is a strong family, and we are incredibly lucky that we have the one we do. Slightly unusual, slightly eccentric, with an odd sense of humour and all of the quirks that families have - each and everyone of them mean the world to us. Last night was really amazing, and I was so proud to be there with my wife (almost, I’m just practicing saying it!)

So now the final bits are packed, the final preparations made, the final text messages and email sent, Willow is all checked in to the doggy hotel (she went off a bit too happily for my liking!) All we have to do today is get ourselves ready, physically and emotionally, and check in to our venue about 5pm tonight for a night of relaxing with our Mums. I cannot tell you the happiness and love that is in my heart and soul right now. Well, I think you might have gathered....


  1. What a gorgeous post! Good luck, hope you have an amazing day, looking forward to posts and pictures x

  2. We've really enjoyed reading your blog posts, and remembering those feeling we had before our wedding. We wish you the very best for the big day and your life together as Mrs and Mrs!

    The hard work is now done, enjoy it!

    Lots of Love Emma and Lucy xxx

  3. So happy for you both, your post made me cry!

  4. Father/Daughter scenes on TV/films always make me blub because I'm a daddies girl - the story of the "I loved her first" card just made me full on cry here at my desk at work!

    Congratulations, girls. What a beautiful wonderful story :)


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