Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dates for married ladies!

We have now been married for 8 weeks! Being each others wife definitely feels a lot different to being engaged - it has a wonderful sense of permanence and contentment, and it definitely feels like we have been let into a secret that only married people know!

We have to admit that it's incredibly hard coming back from an amazing honeymoon, and realising that your wedding day, the day you worked so hard for the past two years for, is over! It's strange not having a wedding to plan anymore, but L, planning extraordinaire quickly solved that! Over the next year, we have trips to Reykjavik and Marrakesh planned, as well as a trip of the USA, involving a road trip for our first wedding anniversary incorporating Las Vegas, San Francisco, seeing L's relatives in Los Angeles and down to San Diego before returning home. After that, we are aiming to start planning for increasing our family!
Planning for the future aside, we have had so much fun being married thus far! We have, as much as Lauren's work will allow, still enjoyed going on dates together, both going out for good meals, walks in the park with Willow, and evenings in together, enjoying nothing but each others company.

We had our wedding photo viewing at our photographers studio when we got back from our honeymoon. She had taken over 1500 photo's and had put them on a slide show DVD which we watched in private (apart from her lovely staff bringing us lunch and cups of tea, and much needed tissues!). It was amazing to see the day in pictures from start to finish. We started to cry as soon as we saw the pictures of our Dads seeing us in our dresses  for the first time - I can still feel the massive emotion, the sense of enormity, the 'oh my god - this is happening!' in the room in my dads face in the pictures.
We have copies of the DVD and I often watch it when Lauren is on nights to cheer me up -  they represent the most special day of our lives and I will never get bored of looking at them!
After watching the disc, we were rejoined by our photographer who helped us narrow them down to 110 pictures for our album. When we were shown the final album selection, the three of us were in tears - they went together so beautifully. We get our album around October time, and will also buy them on disc so we can show them relatives who live abroad - we always love seeing other people's professional pictures on Facebook!

We have started to try and make Thursdays (which has always been our favourite day, and will always  be our weekly wedding anniversary, as we married on a Thursday) a little bit special. This means that every week we have that one special day together to look forward to, and we take it in turns to plan how we would like to spend the day. This is something we very much hope will continue for the rest of our lives, as far as possible. Through babies, children, grandchildren, we hope that a Thursday will bring us 'our day', even if at times all we will manage to do is have a cup of tea together, it's a chance to spend some time just the two of us, and stay focused on the thing that matters most, the two of us.

On our first Thursday back from honeymoon, Lauren cooked us a gorgeous meal which I would have paid a fortune for in a nice restaurant! Fried goat's cheese, fig and caramelised onion salad, followed by homemade pumpkin ravioli in tomato and basil sauce, and a gorgeous desert which was a yummy tower of berries, Greek yoghurt, honey, and flaky pastry slices Lauren had made from scratch.

The following week it was my turn, and we made the most of the glorious sunshine and visited a local deli shop, and bought homemade bread, dips and cake to have a picnic in our garden.

We have been out for breakfast a few times - breakfast dates are something we've always loved. Dinner dates feel more formal and special and 'date' like, but breakfast dates feel cosy, especially as most people are at work! Breakfast is Lauren's favourite meal of the day, and there is nothing quite like having a lie in together, followed by a breakfast date, they are romantic in a little bit of a secretive way, and an informal and relaxed way to spend the day together.
Chai tea for Lauren, hibiscus tea for moi!
Yum yum yummmm!
These are the BEST coconut milk iced coffees!

We have also managed to squeeze in a few of our favourite kind of cuisine, Indian food! The food scene in Birmingham is great, and luckily for us it mostly consists of our favourite kind of places - independent coffee shops, gorgeous luxury restaurants that are small on portion but massive on quality, quirky little bars and restaurants that offer one product, done many ways, very well, and of course, an array of amazing Indian restaurants. The balti's beginning in England was in Birmingham in the 70's, and Indian culture is still a big part of Birmingham, something we are very happy about!
We visited Lasan Eatery, the little sister of one of Birmingham's best, Lasan (winner of Gordon Ramsey's F Word), and Nanpan - a very modern version of an Indian restaurant which had an almost Nando's feel to the decor! We were amused and delighted to hear the young staff very knowledgeably advising diners on traditional Indian cooking, in strong Brummie accents! In both restaurants we ordered vegetarian Thali's - trays containing tasters of lots of different dishes as we like to try everything. This was a great way of trying lots of little bits of lots of gorgeous curries, with little pots of rice and freshly cooked naan on the side, along with amazing sides. 

It's really not a bad life being able to enjoy life's luxuries with your very best friend, who also happens to be your new wife! I hope Thursday's always stay special to us, and I hope we achieve what we want to and make it a day to remember through the years. But with such amazing food on offer all around us, I don't think this will be too difficult!

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