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Our Wedding Day - Wedding Breakfast, speeches & tea!

The moment we walked from our ceremony room, out on to the terrace of our venue was surreal for a few reasons - we hadn't seen each other for almost 24hrs and it was the first time we had really spoken to each other apart from reading vows, all of our closest family and friends were there, and - we were married, each others wife, Mrs & Mrs, even the realisation that we had a new surname was amazing and bizarre in a good way - it was the happiest we have both felt in our entire lives!

Outside, the clouds that had begun to give way to beautiful blue sky just before our ceremony continued to clear, until we were left we beautiful sunshine - just in time for our photographs! We had champagne & orange juice (a bucks fizz or mimosa, depending on if you're a Brit or an American!) and canapes, and received lots and lots of hugs! In attendance were our parents and our brothers, L's grandparents, my nan, my aunty and her partner, 5 of L's aunties, our 3 bridesmaids (one of L's cousins and 2 of mine) a further four cousins/partners, L two closest friends, and my closest friend and her partner.

It was so lovely to finally speak to everyone, after knowing they were there in the ceremony room! We then had lots of group photos, and got showered in beautiful pink confetti hearts!

Us with our bridesmaids and brothers

After photographs, it was time for us to head inside for our wedding breakfast (not actually breakfast, it is usually served late lunch time, but called 'wedding breakfast' as it is your first meal as a married couple!).

Walking into the room was such an amazing feeling - we put our hearts and souls into our wedding and it was lovely to see the end product of that after planning it for so long. The room was very modern and clean looking with bright touches and pretty details - this is very much our taste, and partly why we chose our venue, which we think paid off as it went really well with our themes.

Our colour scheme was pink and grey, so we had grey silk bows on the chairs, and pink gerbereas and roses on the tables, pink and silver heart print tea lights, and pink crystals scattered on the tables.

We also scattered brown paper hearts on the tables, and printed our own table names on brown paper, which were places we have been to, with a heart shaped map of the place, and why it meant a lot to us. We of course had Brighton as our top table!

We used a recycled wood photo frame for our table plan, with pink filtered photographs of us, and printed the table lists on brown paper. The frame is now hanging in our home, ready to be filled with wedding pictures.

For our place settings we printed everyones name on a brown paper heart, then pegged it to some white and grey 'to have and to hold' ribbon. Our favour bags contained chocolate, tea, and a keyring from Macmillan Cancer as we made a donation to the charity on our guests behalf.

We both have aunties recently recovering from breast cancer, and another of Lauren's aunts lost her husband to cancer, so it is a very important charity which is very close to our hearts. The bags also contained personalised m&m's, silver chocolate coins, and a teabag, as we love tea!

Our cake was a gift from Lauren's bridesmaid Jo, and we hadn't seen it until the day! The cake wasn't really something we were ever overly excited for or wanting to spend a lot of money on, but this one was amazing! It looked gorgeous, went perfectly with our theme and was so well made - the baker had even made gerberas out of sugar paste. The cake had three tiers, each a different flavour - vanilla, lemon and chocolate. Yum! Next to the cake we placed cute little signs, one of which, a metal heart filled with trees, is now tied to our bedroom door, using a 'to have and to hold' ribbon from our place settings!

We are both vegetarians, so it was important to us that our wedding food be completely vegetarian. This news wasn't received well in the run up to the wedding, as the men in L's family thought they might die if they didn't eat meat for a day (!!), but as the venue has an amazing chef we had confidence that the guests would be happy. And hey, we never complain about rubbish veggie options when we go to weddings! Our starter seemed to go down well, so we knew we were off to a good start, with guests turning around to compliment us on our choice of rustic bread with a variety of dips. For our main we chose a mushroom and asparagus feuillantine with roast potatoes, which most people seemed to love, even L's meat loving brother! Our dessert was a very pretty strawberry cheesecake, which we felt was light and summery.

After the wedding breakfast, it was time for speeches. As my Dad and I are quite shy about speaking in public, L and her dad made speeches, with her dad going first, making his speech on behalf of both our dads.

L's dads speech was beautiful - equal in the hilarious and tear jerking stakes. He welcomed me to his family, spoke of his pride in L, and even gave us a list of advice from Willow! ('Eat well', and 'always trust me off the lead', were two pieces of advice!) My parents, L's mum and I were all in tears at his speech, and even though he had been nervous about speaking you couldn't tell, it was such a special part of our day. On viewing our professional pictures, it was lovely to see the tears and laughter from all of the guests.

L gave her speech next, thanking our friends and family not only for celebrating with us but for their never-ending love and support throughout our relationship, making special mention to her parents, my parents, our bridesmaids, her brother (including the line "yes - she is mine, no -you can't have her, and yes - she is gay!" which made everyone laugh!) and our friends. The last part of L's speech was to me, which had everyone in tears again - seriously, you'd think we'd have had no tears left!

The ceremony was by far our favourite part of the day, but after that we loved the wedding breakfast most! Gorgeous food, in a room we'd made to feel like our own, and best of all, all of our favourite people in one room - it was lovely for our friends and families to meet and to see them all getting along.
After the speeches had been said, and the dessert had been eaten, we couldn't let the day continue without L's favourite thing in the world (after her wife hopefully) - tea! 

Taken by one of L's friends who knows how much she adores tea.
"Bride with a brew" was the caption she gave this!
At our request (and provision of extra tea flavours!) our venue served over 10 different flavours of tea, outside on the terrace. This was a part of the day we had originally worried about. Having gotten married at 12pm (in order to enjoy as much of the day together as possible), we knew that once the wedding breakfast had been eaten there would be a 'gap' of about two hours before the evening reception started. We had worried about people feeling that the day was slow, that they would be bored, or wondering what they should do. But we needn't have worried, this turned in to be a wonderful part of the day - everybody sat outside in the glorious sunshine, chatting, drinking tea, taking a walk around the grounds,speaking with people they hadn't yet had chance to, and generally chilling out. I'm so glad we had this in our day, it helped to create the kind of day we wanted, very relaxed, informal whilst still being incredibly formal in places, where everyone got on and had a great time together. Maybe the plentiful rabbits running round the grounds helped! 

Apparently this is how the boys wanted to spend their time!

After a chat with our guests, we had some photographs taken of just the two of us by our photographer - we aren't very confident in front of the camera but our photographer got some beautiful shots, and we are really glad we made finding a great photographer high on our priority list.

All too soon it was nearly time for the evening guests to arrive, which none of us could believe as the day had just gone so much quicker than any of us wanted it to! There was just enough time for us to nip up to our bridal suite, reapply our make-up, and for  L to change her shoes... 
White Converse she customised herself, with Ted Baker socks
she chose for the grey and pink hearts!

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  1. Both you and your wedding look absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it from what I have read so far. What a special day! x


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