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Wedding Post : Our Honeymoon In Mexico

After a ten hour flight, and an overwhelming but incredible few days, I think it is safe to say we were so happy to finally land in Mexico on the Sunday following our wedding day. A further short (and thankfully air conditioned!) drive saw us safely deposited at our hotel, on the Riveria Maya. It was by far the most gorgeous hotel we had ever seen, and couldn't believe it would be our home for the next 12 days. We arrived to cool towels, a glass of champagne, and were shown to our room, complete with honeymoon banner on the door!

Bedroom in our hotel room
View from our balcony

The following day we woke up to the beautiful blue sea view from our balcony, and the most glorious sunshine. The previous day seemed all a bit of a blur, leaving one country and landing in another, jumping time zones and trying to not let the tiredness overtake us. So first things first, we went to explore the hotel's breakfast buffet! Wow, it was like nothing we had ever seen before! Absolutely enormous, and catering for every nationality, they even had iPad menus where you selected something from a menu and a chef cooked it in front of you. Breakfast very quickly became L's favourite meal of the day, having always preffered it to any other meal anyway, the food that was presented to us was quite incredible! After an amazing feast of everything from hot cinnamon rolls to freshly cooked omelettes it was time to begin what we had travelled so very far to do - hit the beach! The beach can only be described as resembling a postcard - beautiful turquoise water and white powdery sand. Once we picked our loungers, waiters bought us cocktails, drinks and snacks throughout the day - it was so hard to leave this place, we were treated like royalty!

After a hard day relaxing on the beach, it was time again to enjoy a little more of what we love most, aside from each other - food! The hotel had seven a la carte restaurants, all offering a different cuisine, and had a no reservation policy, meaning we could just turn up to whichever we fancied that night, and after a short wait for a table, enjoy an amazing meal. The first night we chose italian, but worked our way through all of the options in our 12 days, from Asian to Mexican to Seaside grill. We had been warned that the food at an all inclusive is never great, as they have to cater for the masses. But we really couldn't have been proved more wrong - some of the food could have come straight from a michelin starred restaurant, it was absolutely sensational!

The days that followed pretty much continued in the theme we had set out on our first day there. Amazing breakfast, wander down to beach, lie there all day reading books, walk along the beach hand in hand, spend hours people watching and chatting to each other, drink amazing pink cocktails, then head back up to our room to enjoy the hot-tub we had on our balcony, whilst enjoying the view over the beautiful ocean. We were provided with a bottle of champagne on our arrival, which was gratefully received and enjoyed on the gorgeous balcony, and the mini-bar was re-stocked daily with our choice of drink. Diet coke, of course!

And then, on the evenings, getting dressed up to go and enjoy a beautiful meal together. On the second night they had a Mexican fiesta night, serving traditonal mexican food, with the guests seated at tables of 8. This was one of the only time we spent chatting to other people, much prefering otherwise the sole company of each other, and spent the evening chatting to people from all over the world. Apparently people can't get enough of an English accent!

For a few of the days, we chose to rent a private cabana on the beachfront. This meant a double bed suspended on wooden decking, surrounded by white linen curtains. From here we had our own view of the beach and ocean, and a private waiter who brought us drinks and snacks, lunch, and topped up our ice bucket constantly. We spent the days cuddling, relaxing and soaking up the view that was unparalelled in anything we have ever seen before. This place was absolute luxury!

By the time it got to our one week anniversary we felt well and truly relaxed, and were completely in love with the place, as well as each other! As part of our honeymoon package we were offerred a private meal on the beach one night, so chose this to mark us being married for one week. We enjoyed a romantic three course meal underneath the stars, with the sound of the waves crashing not too far from us, and only each other for company. Perfection! It also proved to us that Mexico was the best choice for our honeymoon, as we were treated exactly the same as every other honeymooning couple there, despite being one of only a few same-sex couples, and the only ones on honeymoon, the hotel made every effort they could to make our honeymoon incredible.

Friday morning meant we had to be up before sunrise, as we had a busy day of sightseeing ahead of us. The early start was made slightly easier by the sight of the sun rising up over the ocean. We sat on our balcony with an early morning cup of tea, with this as a view.

The first part of our day trip was to Chichen Itza, historical Mayan ruins. We were shown round by a guide who was clearly proud of his Mayan descent, and who taught us all about their history and culture. He explained that they were incredibly advanced in physics, and were one of the first cultures to capture the concept of time, and astrophysics. It was an incredible (if not sweltering!) place, and very much a once in a lifetime visit. 

The second part of our day was a trip to a cenote, an amazing underwater cavernous pool, with greenery growing down into the cave from the ground above. It was one of the most beautiful things we had ever seen.

The trip was around twelve hours long, including all the travelling, so when we got back to our hotel, we were very glad they had champagne waiting for us, and we made use of the room service menu, so we could chill out in our PJs, in our air conditioned room, and eat pizza!

The following morning we were awoken with breakfast in bed! On account of us being on honeymoon.

After another tiring day at the beach (!) we visited another of the hotels restaurants, a gorgeous Mexican that although inside, was designed to look like it was in a garden, and even had a huge tree growing through the middle of the restaurant. The food was amazing, and when we told the waiter we were on honeymoon, he bought us lots of free tequila!

Sunday was the only day we didn't have perfect sunshine - however, a break from the sun wasn't a bad thing, and tropical storms are really fun to watch! Luckily we were in our room when the rain started, so we borrowed one of the huge umbrellas from the hotel and went to the hotel lobby. As well as regular seats they also had sofas, and huge round beds. So we bagged ourselves one of the beds, ordered some cocktails, and watched the rain fall outside! It hard to be sad about rain in such a magnificent place, when you're on honeymoon with your new wife!

 That evening we had booked a seat at the Japanese restaurants tepanyaki table. We were sat around a cooking station with five other couples, and the staff put on a brilliant show! We ended up with a female chef who was better at throwing knives than the male chef! Plus the food they cooked in front of our eyes was amazing!

The final part of our honeymoon package saw us spending the day at the spa that was within the hotel. We were treated to a couple massage and scrub, and also made use of the hydrotherapy circuit, sauna and steam room. As if we needed to be anymore relaxed! The afternoon was rounded off by sitting in the quiet room, with tea, candles and soft music.

The rest of the week was spent very much enjoying each and every second of being in paradise together. Spending all day on the beach and all evening enjoying some of the best food we have ever eaten, and finishing the night with drink in the VIP lounge, each day was enjoyed to the absolute max. Made perfect by being there with each other, with no other cares in the world, and being able to spend every single second by each other's side. It was a honeymoon that we could not even have dreamt of being that good!


On our last morning, we got up early, and went down to the beach to watch the sunrise. We had read that this was a sight to behold, and we were not disappointed. Apart from the odd member of staff, there was not a single soul on the beach apart from us, so we sat together in one of the beach cabanas and listened to the waves crash and the sun made it's way up over the ocean and in to the blue sky. It was one of the most peaceful, breath-taking and awe-inspiring moments of our life. Our honeymoon was the most perfect beginning to married life, and that morning cemented for us the memories that were made in those two weeks.

After the sun was up, we went for our last amazing breakfast and spent the morning lounging in hammocks together before heading back to the airport to begin our new life.

As Mrs & Mrs! 

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  1. That sounds absolutely incredible!!!! What's the name of the resort? Putting it on the list for future destinations!

  2. Stunning. Congratulations to you both, you deserve all the love and happiness in your lives together :)

  3. These pictures are beautiful and the resort looked amazing. My wife and I were married and honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This post made me want to go back!

    Congratulations. :)

  4. This is like the best review I have read in months. Full of amazing activities with detailed descriptions for readers to really feel like being there in that very same place. Thanks a lot for sharing. You both are amazing people. You deserve all the joys and happiness in life. :)

  5. A wonderful culinary journey in Mexico city! I definitely need to go visit and experience these delicious eats! and also amazing family vacation in the best all inclusive resorts with ocean side in Mexico. With comfortable rooms, great pools and delicious food. Thanks a lot for sharing. You both are amazing people. You deserve all the joys and happiness in life. :)

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  6. Looks absolutely amazing. Can i ask where in Mexico this was? Would love to look into going as we are yet to go on a honeymoon.


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