Sunday, 1 September 2013

Incredible family and wonderful friends.

It seems very appropriate at the moment, with some illnesses in the family, for us to be reminded of just what an amazing set of families and friends we have. Our wedding day was a shining example of this - seeing them all together, chatting to each other and different families and friends meeting, catching up, and getting along was such a lovely feeling! 

In the run up to our wedding we saw the important people in our lives an awful lot - a meal out with L's parents, brother and cousins; our hen party; coffees or cocktails with friends who wanted to hear of our plans; a boxing day buffet at L's parents with aunties, her brother and 5 cousins; and spending time with people who mean the world to us is something we decided we'd definitely like to keep up. Our families or friends are not far away, so since we've been married we've made the most of this!

We went to our first wedding as a married couple, to one of S's friend's weddings, who got married just twenty days after us. We had had so many discussions over the highs and lows of wedding planning, so it was great to attend each others wedding receptions with our partners! At our reception K and her fiance made such an effort getting people dancing, got us a really thoughtful gift and card, so although we hadn't long got back from honeymoon, we were looking forward to seeing them.  Their wedding was so sweet, so personal, and so much fun! It was great to see another wedding that was also all about the couple, from the seaside theme to all their friends dancing to her fiances band playing rock music covers.

We had a visit from our friends from London and Lauren had planned a driving tour of the Cotwolds, along the sweetly named Romantic Road. We had so much fun seeing gorgeous scenery, visiting a castle, stopping off for a pub lunch, going to an old fashioned sweet shop and buying sugar mice, visiting a lavender field, and stopping off at Whole Foods on the way back! The next day we went fruit picking, and L cooked us all a yummy Sunday lunch. Such an English weekend!

We also went out for dinnerwith L's dad, brother, and her cousin and cousins partner. It was so much fun, and something we all agreed we should do regularly! L's brother and cousins are all about our age so we get on well. They have always made me feel so welcome, and I really enjoy spending time with them. L's brother also conquered the pubs 1kg burger and platter of chips challenge, and got his picture on the pubs wall of fame!

L has been out for coffees with her friend H, and also her friend B - who has already said she wants us as wedding planners when she gets engaged! I met one of my best friends L for coffee - it was really great hearing other people's view of our wedding, and what they thought of guests they hadn't met before the wedding day! Lastly I have been shopping and for cocktails with my other best friend, A, and met a mutual friend of ours who is a former colleague of mine, so it was great for us all to have a great big catch up!

I also went for Sunday lunch at a pub with my mom, my aunty (mom's twin sister), my auntys daughter N (who was my bridesmaid!) and N's one year old daughter E. My family rarely make this kind of effort, so it was great to spend time with them, even though anyone that has family with young children knows, they do kind of monopolise conversation! It was lovely to see E playing with Willow, and to see that Willow apparently likes babies! They threw a ball to each other, then E attempted to put her dummy in Willows mouth - high praise indeed in baby world! 

I was also relieved to find E seemed to like me a lot, and after a while I didn't feel awkward around her. I have zero experience with babies, shes probably the first one year old I've met! So as we are planning on having children in the near furture, it was nice to feel comfortable with a baby - maybe I won't be so bad at this parenting thing after all!

Our wedding highlighted the great highs and unfortunate lows that families bring with them. But those who were there on the day, who had travelled far, wide, long and short, all brought with them love and happiness and made our day utterly perfect. It showed us how amazing our families are, and how important it is to remain close ,and to make an effort to spend time with everybody who means a lot to you. As we have found recently, life isn't permanent, and it is incredibly precious, so any chance you get to tell someone you love that you do indeed love them, do it. Meet up for a cuppa, text people to say hello when you wouldn't have before, make plans to see people you haven't in a while. Because when all of this life business is said and done we want to know that we made the most of it, we surrounded ourselves with incredible people who filled our lives with so much happiness. And we made the most of every single opporunity we could. 

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