Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn Escapes

Last week we went on a day trip together. I had recently started a new temp job, and L's dad has been improving health wise, so we felt a celebration was in order. 
We had free day passes from London Midland back from when I was a commuter, and we were given free passes as an apology for bad service  (thanks, but getting to work on time would've been better!), so we had a long journey down to London! It was nice to just spend time together chatting and eating sweets!

We had such a fun time in Oxford Street visiting all the department stores Christmas sections, the best being one of our favourite stores, Selfridges. It was so much fun looking at all the lights and glitter, it made us so excited for Christmas.
We then went for lunch at a restaurant we visited last time we were in London, Mildred's. The veggie food was as good as last time, especially the pumpkin ravioli!
After lunch we went on a very autumy walk - it was a sunny day so the fallen leaves looked beautiful. 

We also stopped off for cinnamon rolls, as L is addicted to them! These were freshly cooked and covered in chocolate or pecan nuts. Delicious!

As the sun started to set, we made our way to Central Hall in Westminster where we had tickets for a book reading. L kindly accompanied me to the Danny Elfman Tim Burton event I really wanted to go to not long ago, so I feel like I was forcing her into my geeky ways yet again! The reading was by my favourite author, Neil Gaiman, who was reading his new book, Fortunately The Milk, accompanied by illustrator Chris Riddell drawing sketches as Neil read, that were projected onto screens. It was very cool to see people queued for ages around the building - for a book reading! We enjoyed warm up act comedian Andrew O'Neill, and him and some of Neil's friends (including Lenny Henry, randomly!) helped with voicing other parts of the book. I also bought a special edition of the book, which was signed by Neil and Chris. I loved every minute of it! After the reading, we got to see Westminster Abbey and Big Ben looking very pretty in the dark.

We had such a great day together, despite not getting home until 1am!
As we are both working lots again, it's hard spending so much time apart, so it's nice to spend the time we do have together well. And after wandering around those Christmas departments, we're really looking forward to our first festive season as Mrs & Mrs!

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