Monday, 7 October 2013

Birthday week

This Wednesday was my (S) 29th birthday! So much has happened this year - we got married, had our amazing honeymoon in Mexico, the shop I worked at closed down leaving me out of work, finding out which of our friends and family we could/couldn't rely on, and most recently, L's dad suffering a stroke.
It's been a huge roller coaster of extreme highs and lows, and definitely one of those years where you feel like you have grown as a person.

So for my birthday, I definitely wanted it to be about being with the people I love - presents kind of seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things! I asked L for two things - a hug, and a pancake ( I love both!)
We have a habit of stretching our birthdays out, so mine began on the Saturday before! I spent Saturday morning with one of my best friends L and her boyfriend, then the afternoon with my parents, after my brother (as usual) cancelled at the very last moment.
On the Monday, we went on a bit of an adventure, and had a trip to London. Our first stop was, as usual, Hummingbird Bakery! The special was Pumpkin Spice cupcake, and as complete pumpkin addicts, we had to try them!  We spent a while shopping - going to Victoria's Secret, admiring a beautiful autumn themed bakery window, and of course, stopping at a tea shop that sold hundreds of flavours of tea!

We also stopped off at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte, and went to a vegetarian cafe we had heard about and wanted to try, and were really impressed with! We also went to Covent Garden for dinner, somewhere we haven't really been to properly for years and years, but had a really lovely time - it bought back memories of our first tip to London back in 2005!

On Tuesday evening we had a baking evening! L had taken my request for a pancake to the EXTREME and informed me we were making a pancake cake!!!
 Popular in France, this involved lots and lots of thin pancakes, stacked and filled with your choice of fillings, then chilled over night to set! I chose a rocky road theme so we filled between the layers of pancake with whipped cream, nutella, honeycomb pieces, fudge, and topped it with chocolate popping candy, sugar sprinkles, and sugar hearts. Just amazing - best birthday cake ever!

On Wednesday, it was my actual birthday! In the morning, L made me more pancakes (!), this time pumpkin and apple cinnamon - delicious. I opened my cards, and had some awesome presents - my family had all given me money to go shopping for clothes, as saving for a wedding didn't leave us with much money for things like shopping trips. L had also broken my no present rule and bought me some Victoria's Secret PJ's and a tshirt, and a beautiful Ted Baker purse to put the money from my family in. She had put a £50 note in it to add to my shopping money - think it will be my first and only!

 I also had some really amazing presents from my friends, including gift cards for clothes shops (inc one of my faves, All Saints) , cinema vouchers, a bottle of Southern Comfort (my fave!), some gorgeous grey leather converse, and a completely awesome bag of pumpkin themed American goodies including pumpkin spice lattes, and a super cute box of autumn themed candy corn!

L was at a training course for work for a few hours in the middle of the day, so I had another of my best friends over, who bought cake and Starbucks with him!

That evening L and I went to a new vegetarian bistro in Birmingham. The menu was very quirky, and our food was gorgeous. L had a raspberry cider whilst I had a yummy rose and lychee mocktail, we both had a cheddar brulee with apple and walnut to start, for mains L had battered halloumi and chips, and I had spiced cauliflower cheese, then we just managed to fit in deserts! I had cardamom blackberry and apple crumble, and L had a tea loaf and milk ice cream dish called 'milk and two sugars'!

Here's to the last year of my twenties!

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