Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween (holiday) derived from All Hallows Eve, a Pagan rooted tradition of celebrating the end of autumn and marking the beginning of winter. Over time this has evolved to a traditional day whereby it is believed that recently departed souls are free to roam the earth. It preceeds All Saints Day, a day of celebration of all of the sacred saints. Originally, Halloween was a Celtic and Gaelic tradition, which spread in popularity across all of the United Kingdom over the 15th Century, and eventually found it's way over to America in the 19th Century. 
It''s interesting, therefore, that Halloween is celebrated with much more furore in the USA nowadays than in the UK. 
The exception is in our household. See Halloween is one of my beloved wife's favourite days of the whole year! One of the things that first attracted me to her very deeply, and made me think she was the one for me, was that underneath that beautiful feminine exterior is a mutli-faceted persona who has many different and varied passions and loves. A love of Halloween is one such thing that makes her unique, and one more reason why I just love her so very much. Along with Halloween she is also quite partial to a bit of Sci-Fi, the Buffy type not the Star Trek type, Tim Burton films, books with imaginative twists and turns where she can lose herself in a bizarre fantasy world, she finds beauty in spider webs (especially frozen ones!) and bats and early sunsets. And don't get me started on how much she loves anything pumpkin flavoured! So when Halloween rolls around our house reflects my wife's love of the holiday, in much the same way people decorate for Christmas. We do indeed go full out for Christmas too, I LOVE Christmas, but Halloween has an equal standing. 
This year has been a little different in that we have both had so much on our plates that Halloween has barely even been mentioned. New jobs, my Dad's illness, other family crisis', other stresses have gotten in the way, and Halloween has hardly been mentioned. Therefore, as my wife is at work today in a job she will only be in for two more days, as she managed to be offered every single job she went for and so has accepted a better position elsewhere, I have planned her a little Halloween surprise. Willow and I have decorated the house with our usual decorations, and bought a few extra for good measure. We have baked a pumpkin to make a soup with, made pumpkin bread by hand to go with it, and have an assortment of snacks for afterwards, included Halloween chocolate pretzels - pumpkins and bats - that I made after my night shift this morning! After dinner we will carve a pumpkin together, and then settle down to watch a collection of her favourite Halloween films - Hocus Pocus, Frankenweenie...all the classics you could say! Accompanied by pumpkin spice latte and some home baked pumpkin spice cookies - enough pumpkin to keep her going until at least next week!

 Finally, to top off her surprise, she has a puppy dressed like this....


So Happy Halloween my gorgeous little ghoul, I hope you enjoy the day of the dark, of celebrating all things dead! I love you more than I can ever tell you, and I hope our future children adopt your uniqueness, and find things that they too love, even if other don't, so we can celebrate their passions too. Although I hope it's nothing like National Celery or Pigeon Day, we might have a problem! 

Update Pic!
Glittery lanterns, our bat pumpkin, and our homemade pumpkin bread and pumpkin chilli soup

I had the best Halloween! Thankyou to my wife for being so thoughtful :) S xx


  1. Awesome decorations, I especially love the banner! Happy Halloween. :)

    1. Thankyou, we love the banner too! Hope you had a fab halloween :)


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