Friday, 4 October 2013


This blog post is a little late, as we have had a very very busy couple of weeks! But the 25th September saw us celebrating nine wonderful years together. We always like to do something that combines our favourite things on anniversary dates - food, nice hotels, a view or a pretty place, and a bit of luxury usually featuring.

This year was no different, we decided to revisit the hotel where we held our hen party in the May this year, partly because we loved it so much, and it was one of the most 'us' places we had ever been to, but also because we didn't get chance to actually enjoy our beautiful hotel room as we were too busy in the spa, out for a meal, or drinking Birmingham's entire supply of champagne and cocktails (well, near enough) !

On the morning we woke up to cuddles and tea, and exchanged cards - nine years must have had an effect on us as we both got red/pink cards that said 'you and me' on the front!

After dropping Willow off at L's parents, we set off for The Cube building. Our first stop was the spa, which although small, has a very serene, peaceful environment. We enjoyed the Bio Sauna, Steam room, and Kelo Sauna, as well as the pool and jacuzzi. It was so relaxing, and after having lots of stressful things happen recently, it was so nice to just enjoy each other's company.

We had afternoon tea in the spa lounge, which bought back lovely memories of our hen party. It was lovely to curl up on the sofas and watch the boats sail past the canals in front of the lounge.

We also had a couple's treatment in a Rasul Mud room. It involved our own private room which had a small cubicle with seats, and three pots of mud. You apply the mud (or apply it onto your partner) and after a while the room fills with steam to help the mud sink in. After that, it's washed off under rain showers. We really enjoyed the treatment, and when we win the lottery are definitely investing in one for home! It was the best mix of romance, luxury and fun.

After one last chill out in the relaxtion pods in the spa, we headed up to our hotel room. We had chosen a balcony room as we had one for our hen party and regretted not having the chance to enjoy it. This room had a much bigger balcony than our last room, so we enjoyed tea, and some chocolate brownies the hotel had given us, whilst we took in the view of our home city.

Then it was time to get ready for our evening out! We visited a Spanish tapas restaurant and had some amazing food, then spent a few hours (oops) at a champagne bar, where we sampled the bollinger, butterscotch daiquiris, and spiced mojitos. All delicious, and spent with the best company a girl could wish for.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast in Marco Pierre Whites, then it was time for the first pumpkin spice latte of the year - autumn is definitely here! The wonderful day and night was made even more wonderful by me recieiving a phone call to say I had been offered a 3 month temporary contract at a job I applied for, which will make the latter part of this year far more easy!

I want to thank my wife for the past nine years, which were more amazing than I could have imagined. It's been a privilege to see the intelligent, fascinating, passionate teenager I met just over nine years ago, grow into the successful, kind, strong woman who I am married to today. She has always inspired and enchanted me, and I cannot wait to see what the next nine years bring.


  1. Wow that all looks amazing. I think I may have up book myself in. Happy late Anniversary girls and congrats on the job Sarah x

  2. Thankyou Susie, we had a lovely time :)

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