Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wedding Photographs!

We have finally gotten round to putting our professional wedding photos in a blog post. We put a couple on Instagram, but still feel the most special place for them is in our wedding album, so haven't really shared them much online. They are on Facebook for the family that are far away, but mainly we have enjoyed sharing looking through our album with family and friends. We are so happy with the album itself - it really tells the story of our day, and is so pretty; we feel it really embraces the kind of day we wanted. We love our photographers style - relaxed, emotional, non trendy, and subtle, she captured memories rather than just taking one big photoshoot. Here are a few of our favourites:

Getting ready!

We love the shots of the first moment our dads saw us in our wedding dresses. It was such an emotional part of the day and I think this is captured so very well and translated in to picture. I (L) certainly feel a lot closer to my Dad since my wedding day, almost as if going through this rite of passage together has made us see a different side to each other:

I (S) can still remember my dad coming through the door, seeing me in my dress and beaming a massive smile at me! He seemed so proud the whole day, and that made me really happy. Although he has never had a problem with L, the initial realisation when I was a teenager that I was gay was a little difficult for him to get his head around, so his pride and happiness on my wedding day was wonderful. I have always been very much a daddy's girl, and I'm so grateful for my dads support on our big day.

The ceremony was by far our favourite part of the wedding, and we loved the pictures of our dads walking us down the aisle:

How clever is our wedding photographer to capture this picture, as L places my wedding band on to my finger....

Sealing the deal! Our first kiss:

Our brothers and bridesmaids. A lot of our family say these are two of their favourite pictures. In the first I love how relaxed it looks, and how the colours of the grey and pink stand out so well against the vivid greenery of our venue. And the second is just so lovely, it holds just wonderful happy memories - and it's great so see the back of our dresses!

Making our confetti paid off - we love the shower of hearts in this pic!

This was the moment we first saw the room for our wedding breakfast and evening reception all set up - we just felt like all our efforts to make our wedding personal, and hand making so much of it had paid off. We felt very proud!

This picture was taken during L's speech, when she was thanking my parents. There's a lot of pictures of our guests crying or laughing at Lauren and her dads speeches but this is one of my favourites, as my Mom isn't usually the most emotional of people!

These shots were taken on the 'secret island' at our venue, reached by the Kissing Bridge. We loved spending a few moments just the two of us.

Cutting the cake:

Our first dance: 

Choosing a handful from 110 is very hard, as hard as it was choosing the 110 to go in the album from the 1500 that were taken!! It is so important to choose a photographer that you are completely happy with, and who you like not only on a personal level but also adore their work. I think the fact we got on so well with our photographer meant she captured our day exactly as we saw it, and now we have these beautiful photos to look back on for the rest of our lives, we couldn't be happier!

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  1. How in the world are you going to choose which pictures to frame? They are all so beautiful - you can just feel the LOVE jumping off the page. Congratulations again on your special day!

  2. Thankyou so much! We are really glad the pictures captured our day so well, it's such a great lasting momento.


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