Saturday, 28 December 2013

Our first married Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is all over - it went so fast! We spent Christmas eve together, as I was lucky enough to finish work early. We spent it in our usual way - Miracle on 34th Street, and a floor picnic of cheese and wine! It is traditions like this that make our Christmas' so special to us, the fact that we do the same thing, year in, year out, and will continue to do so for many years to come. This Christmas was not only our first as a married couple, but our tenth one together!

The next morning we opened our cards from each other - it was so lovely to be able to buy wife cards! We opened a bottle of our favourite champagne and had a lazy morning together - we guess we better enjoy these as they will become few and far between when we have children!

We both broke our no present rule, luckily only by one gift each! I got L a pink digital radio as she always says it would be nice to have a radio in the bedroom for Sunday morning coffee lie ins, or in the kitchen whilst shes baking etc. L got me a gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger shoes - grey, sparkly, studded - I absolutely love them!

Our families spoilt us, with my parents giving us money towards future house projects, and  L's parents getting us a bread maker, and some Christmas pj's, although I don't think mine are quite accurate!

L's cousins got us a cake pop maker, a huge box of cake decorating products,  some Cath Kidston mugs and nice coffee, and our aunties got us hat boxes of beauty products from Ted Baker and Laura Ashley.
We were also spoilt by our friends, including tea, jewellery, a fairy lit mini blossom tree (we love trees and fairy lights!), some beautiful canvases featuring words from our wedding first dance song, a white lantern, yummy food gifts, and a beautiful glass heart filled with dried rose buds from our wedding flowers.

We also got a beautiful canvas and calendar from our wedding photographer!

Willow also did extremely well out of Christmas with a  huge haul of toys, dog treats and dog stockings! Even if she did prefer the wrapping paper in most cases.

After present opening, we went for a long walk, something we do every year. Since we moved here nearly four years ago, our area/street has been the place that we love coming back to to spend time just the two of us after seeing family and friends, and it always looks so beautiful in the winter. Willow always loves this part of Christmas Day too!

After our walk, it was time for our favourite part of the day - cooking dinner! We usually make it all from scratch but with this year being so busy due to our new jobs, we didn't have time! We got yummy side dishes from Waitrose and M&S, although still cooked the same main from scratch we do every year as we love it so much - feta, butternut squash, caramelised onion and cashew wellington from the cookbook by the restaurant we went to on the night of our engagement. We also had L's dads delicious homemade cranberry sauce, and of course Christmas pudding and brandy sauce to follow!

On boxing day we had the opposite to our Christmas day which was just the two of us, and saw lots of family. The fact that we have all our family so close makes it easy to fit every one in to one day! We went to L's parents first, and helped set up their famous Boxing Day Buffet. Every one loves it so much we had one as a family meet up party just before our wedding in July! Joined by L's brother, her aunty and her partner who had flown in from Malta, and five cousins/partners/children, we had a brilliant day of chatting, catching up, and eating lots of delicious food! Willow has quickly figured out who the likeliest people are to give her food - always the men!

Later in the afternoon we visited my parents, and again enjoyed lots of lovely food whilst catching up. Although we loved seeing everyone, we felt sad that we felt we didn't have enough time with either family, so next year will probably spend Christmas day with my family and Boxing Day with L's family, and vice versa the year after. We also really missed buying lots of presents, especially for each other, and think maybe the lack of Christmas shopping, secret present ideas, and getting to surprise each other was one of the reasons it didn't feel as festive this year! So next year we will be back to Santa mode! We loved our first married Christmas day, full of food and family, we can't wait to have more festive seasons as Mrs and Mrs!

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