Thursday, 30 January 2014

A boss and an aunty!

Our last post brought the realisation that although we were sad to say goodbye to our wedding year of 2013, this year (well, January) has been really great.
I (Sarah) love my job - I have been there for three months now, after having my 8 week contract extended to 5 months, and it's looking extremely hopeful that I will be given a permanent contract, and promotion. I was extremely wary after being made redundant from my last job that I wouldn't find anything I enjoyed as much, so I'm now really glad I went for a job that I thought was above me.
I was also judged by a mystery shopper a few weeks ago and scored 100%!
Although I still miss my old job and colleagues, I'm part of a lovely team now, and enjoying work is so important - it takes up a lot of life!

But January has now outdone itself with the arrival of two amazing pieces of news this week. 
The first is that Lauren has been promoted to managing the team she has just started working for!
To say that she wasn't sure whether to apply to be part of the team in the first place as competition was so high, the fact she is now managing it is incredible. She has played a massive part in the setting up of the team; from ordering stock, to organising staff, and setting up social media / advertising for the service, so it's great she is being rewarded with things like higher pay, a management title, days working from home, and her own office. (I'm rather jealous of the office part!) She still works closely with the hospital and community teams, so if you're having a baby in South Birmingham, there's a high probability that Lauren or one of her friends will be looking after you! I am so, so proud of her. Midwifery has always been her calling but home birth has been a passionate belief of hers for a long time - one we can't wait to partake in ourselves one day.

The other piece of news is that Lauren's big sister (biologically a cousin, but definitely emotionally a sister!) J and her partner have been approved as adopters, and will be matched with a child or children in the next six months! J's fertility problems have caused much heartache for the family, particularly as she will make the most incredible mother anyone could ask for, with Lauren and I even offering to donate our eggs in the past, in order for J to become pregnant. 
After many, many applications, checks, interviews, tests and meetings, they were yesterday officially approved for either one or two children under the age of four. 

J as Lauren's bridesmaid on our wedding day

We are absolutely over the moon for them, and as we are listed as one of three households the child is authorised to visit at first (so as not to overwhelm them) we could be getting some parenting practise in too! 

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