Wednesday, 1 January 2014

And a brand new one!

Happy New Year! 2013 was a year of so much happiness for us, and as sad as we were to say goodbye to it yesterday, we are equally as excited to welcome the New Year in today.
Fittingly, last night was one of our best ever New Years Eves! We typically don't make too much of a fuss of New Years - we aren't into packed out bars and hate how restaurants pack people in and overcharge for new years, so it doesn't leave us too many options!  We have had three New Years Eve's where we went out, all of which were wonderful. For our first one together in 2004 we got the train to Edinburgh, and went to the Hogmanay party in Edinburgh Castle gardens, danced with thousands of people to live performances from Blondie and the Scissor Sisters, then spent the night in a gorgeous hotel, followed by one of the most amazing breakfasts ever!
In 2007 we went to a pricey but gorgeous Italian restaurant in Birmingham city centre, then stayed in The Hyatt hotel. A recognisable part of the skyline, the rooms feature a glass wall, which when you're as high up as we were, give an amazing view over the city.
In 2009 we had been living with our parents to save for a house deposit for about a year, after moving back from Leeds when L finished uni, and had started looking into possible houses. So we spent New Years eve staying in a gorgeous apartment for a few days in the city centre. We watched films together, and enjoyed having some time just the two of us. In the evening we cooked a gorgeous meal in the huge modern kitchen. We didn't do anything special, but it gave us an insight into what living together would be like! The next day, we went to view our first house!

For new years eve yesterday, we considered going out, but our favourite food/drink places in Birmingham would be guaranteed to be jam packed, and one of our favourite bars was charging a £50 entry fee! We decided that as new years eve isn't something we usually make much effort for, we would just have a night in together.
The evening started with me deciding to rectify the fact that L has never seen the film Pretty Woman - shocking! I sold it to her as 'an 80s music accompanied Cinderella story. With prostitutes.' Luckily, after that introduction (and the fact we love Julia Roberts) she agreed, and loved it! We then cooked a delicious meal together that we both agreed was as good if not better than a meal we would have had in a restaurant. Having a wife that cooks restaurant quality food is fab! After a drink, we retired the bedroom at around 10.30pm. At around midnight, on of our favourite songs from our wedding playlist was playing, and the fireworks around Birmingham let us know it was midnight! After lots of cuddles and kisses and the realisation that 'hopefully we'll make our son or daughter this year' we welcomed 2014.

 2014 has always been the year that, in our minds, we will really get to enjoy being newlyweds. We spent much of last year apart, working tirelessly and relentlessly for our shared goal of our wedding and honeymoon, and are glad that the days of working 6 nights a week is behind us, and we have more time (and money!) to focus on enjoying life together. We have a few hopes and plans for 2014, and wanted to share a few.

Travel is not something we've done a lot of, due to always having something to save for, but something we enjoy very much indeed. We have a few short trips already booked for the first quarter of the year - we are travelling to Marrakech in February, we have our wedding present trip to Reykjavik in March, and a couple of little trips to various places in the UK. In June we are planning a big trip to America, incorporating a road trip down the west coast for our first wedding anniversary.

We are starting the year off in a really great position, work-wise, for both of us. L worked a LOT last year to pay for our wedding, and I was out of work from April - October, so 2014 will be a contrast with us both in challenging new jobs that we are really enjoying, and us both working equally.

Plans for a new addition?!
Any of these plans could change, but we are planning on beginning preparations for IVF in the first half of 2014, with L carrying our baby, using S's egg. We both want, and feel ready for a child, in terms of maturity, commitment, and stage in our lives and relationship. Plus, there are some really cute baby clothes out there :p

Family & Friends
We haven't been able to see as much of our family and friends as we'd like to, something we are hoping will change when our jobs have settled down. With our family and friends so near it's easy to spend an afternoon catching up. We feel like we established how important spending time with our family is in 2013, demonstrated by how much we loved being surrounded by them in the run up to and on our wedding day. We also lucky to have a group of lovely friends who have shown themselves to be worth their weight in gold. We find great enjoyment in making those we love happy,  although we have had a couple of disappointments this year from people who aren't quite as considerate, it's just shown us even more how important being a good friend is to us.

After working so hard last year, we are looking forward to be able to enjoy being married! Spending more time together, and enjoying the feeling that life is slotting into place! We love living in a place full of memories, friends and family, and feel relationships with friends and family are really good right now. We both have good jobs that we enjoy, and lots of things to look forward to next year. We are constantly mindful of how very lucky we are, but also have a sense of pride in that we worked hard for everything we have. Finding and following our own path, instead of trying to achieve someone else's has given us independence, strength, and the most happy mindset of our lives.
Being married has given us a sense of taking the next step in life, especially as we are fast approaching our 30s and planning for our family. We definitely feel a sense of knowing who we are, and feeling confident in how to get what we want from life.
We originally, after we got married, planned to have one night/day a week where we had a 'date'. This could be anything from a takeaway on the sofa to going for a nice meal, to having a day out somewhere. This plan got soon swallowed up by other things happening, but we are keen to try harder at it! Ls new job doesn't involve night shifts (apart from occasionally being on call) so we are looking forward to spending more quality time together, again, now time and money are on our side. But more than this, more than anything, we wish for love - for each other and those around us, and peace to enjoy the important things in life!

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