Thursday, 16 January 2014


This year one of the things we wanted to improve on was our 'work life balance'. Often when one part of your life is amazing, it causes another part to fall behind a little - i.e missing out on time with loved ones but your finances are good due to working lots. I'm sure we aren't alone in feeling that life is a bit of a juggling act at times.
It's been two weeks since we posted here, mainly because all our time has been split between work, each other, family, and friends.
So far, however, we have definitely been sticking to our goal, and keeping to a theme of balance in the following areas:

We think our blog has the balance we would like it to. We have often considered making this blog private. It was and is always set up as a personal record, not a website to get 'followers' or views, but something that we didn't imagine would happen was emails from people, who said our site had helped them. We get a lot of emails from people who are struggling to come out, announce a same sex engagement, or who are struggling with their sexuality and identity as a femme. The most unexpected was an email we got recently from a man who had bravely described how our blog had changed his opinion on same sex marriage.

We obviously never set out to change peoples opinions, but feel proud that something as small as our blog can improve someones view of the world. We aim for a balance between providing an honest representation of a femme relationship (or just a 'relationship') , with a place where our memories are recorded. Parts of it may be boring or uninteresting to others, but parts of it hopefully help or even inspire!

We have definitely been enjoying sticking to our goal of spending more time together and with friends. Our jobs are both still going really well, Lauren has had the privilege of being called out to a few home births and the service is much more popular than anticipated, but we are making sure we enjoy our time when we aren't at work. Although we are busier than usual at the moment, we are embracing the chance that this month will bring to earn extra money, which can then be enjoyed in February when we have time on our side.
Last week we made good use of any time off - we went sale shopping, spent a long Saturday afternoon in a local independent coffee shop, Sarah got her nails done, Lauren went for lunch at her friend Daisy's house, we went for some beautiful sunset walks with Willow, Sarah planned a coffee date with her best friend L and a pub date with her other best friend A. Plus we saw Lauren's best friend in a pirate themed play!

This week unfortunately bought bad news, which the sudden death of L's best friends father, following a diagnosis four weeks ago that his cancer had returned, and spread. L has known H and her family for over five years, they met on their first day as newly qualified midwives, and that was that, friends for life ever since; and although I only met her father once, last year, it was plain to see what a wonderful man he was. As always in times of crisis for her family and friends, it makes me proud to see my wonderful wife always there to help, support, and comfort those she loves.

The first of our friends to lose a parent, it brings home how important it is to spend every minute possible with family and friends. Life is short, and love is unlimited. We hope 2014 continues to be filled with the positivity that the first two weeks have (but a little more time to sit and write a post would be great - thanks!)


  1. I'm sorry for your loss, y'all. I am also glad that your love and this little blog has helped someone see that they were wrong.

    1. Thankyou Ashton :) it's a weird thought to think we changed such a strong opinion, but very lovely too!
      Sarah xx

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and couldn't agree more with finding/keeping balance. I truly think balance is the most elusive but important part of life. Happy 2014 and may we all find balance this year xx Tay

    1. Thankyou for the comment Taylor, happy new year to you :) x


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